Student Government Mission Statement 

The King’s College Student Government Association (SGA) serves as the representative body for the undergraduate student population at King’s College. The SGA works proactively to engage students, faculty, staff, administration, and alumni in conversations that further intellectual, spiritual, and emotional growth within the King’s College community. The SGA strives to be a voice that promotes equality among students with different ideas, beliefs, ethnicities, races, genders, creeds, and sexual orientations. The SGA strives to accomplish these goals through informed debate, workable proposals, and decisive action while serving as members of both the Student Government General Board and various college committees. 

Duties of the Student Government Association 

It is the duty of the SGA to: 

  1. Foster unity among students, faculty, staff, and the administration.  
  2. Consider proposals raised by any student or authorized student organizations and submit such proposals to the administration, utilizing student government members.  
  3. Maintain and administer a system of elections to ensure the orderly transition of authority.  
  4. To recognize qualified student organizations and distribute funds equitably among these organizations to ensure that funds are spent in the student body's best interests. 

Requirements for Class Boards, Clubs, and Organizations

All Class Boards, Clubs, and Organizations are required to: 

  1. Complete a Service Project per semester. Each organization is required to submit both a "Pre-Service Form" and "Post-Service Form." 
  2. Complete a Fundraiser per semester. Each organization is required to submit both a "Pre-Fundraising Form" and "Post-Fundraising Form."