It’s our job to champion student life on campus.

Our mission is to help students make the most of their time at King’s. We do this in a number of ways, through a wealth of programs depending upon the student’s needs, issues, or interests. 

The Associate Vice President and Dean of Students work to facilitate a dialogue that promotes the development of students through the services and educational experiences offered. A primary component of the development of students is interaction that promotes the exploration of new ideas and the examination of the individual student’s contribution to the community. The diversity of the College and local community in ideas, beliefs, ethnic, race, gender, creed, and sexual orientation is an asset in the dialogue that promotes the development of students.

The Student Code of Conduct establishes norms of minimum behavior to enhance the educational and social environment for students. The Student Judicial System provides the opportunity for dialogue in the exploration of student behavior in the context of the community and the opportunity for individual development. As an advocate for students who may feel unheard on campus, the Associate Vice President enables them to have a voice in the College.

The Dean of Students Office oversees several programs on campus.

  • Campus Activities
  • Experiencing the Arts program
  • Residence Life
  • Multicultural and International Student Programs
  • Holy Cross Experience Course (HCE101)
  • New Student Orientation
  • Absence from class for personal or health-related reasons
  • Off-campus student issues
  • Title IX Coordinator

In addition, the Associate Vice President serves as the College Chief Judicial Officer. (For further information see the Student Bill of Rights, the Student Code of Conduct and the College Judicial Process in this handbook.)

Students receive support and help when they need it most.

The Dean of Students Office assists students when they must miss class due to a family emergency or the student’s own illness.  If a student misses one day from class, he/she should notify the instructor and the Dean of Students Office who will keep a record of the absences.  If a student must miss two or more consecutive times of the same class the Dean of Students Office will inform the student’s instructor of the absences.  The student will then contact their instructor to make arrangement to make up any work for the class.

The Dean of Students has several publications and forms that are available for students and their families.


  • The Student Handbook is available on the King’s College web only by clicking on the link below.  Students are responsible for knowing and following all College policies in the Student Handbook and College Catalogue.
  • The Alcohol and Drug brochure is available on the web page and is provided to each student annually in August.
  • The Off Campus Guide for Students, the Off Campus Information Form and Students Living Off Campus Apartment and House Policies are available by clicking on the titles below.  You may also want to read the separate section on Off Campus living on the web page.
  • The FERPA/Student Records Privacy form which students complete to indicate what information from your students records may be accessed below.  This form can be printed out and completed; we require a signature on the form.
  • The Missing Student Confidential Contract Form is part of the College’s policy, required by federal law, can be assessed below.  This form can be returned to the Dean of Students Office electronically or via US mail.
  • Parent/guardian Contact Form is for parents and guardian to complete so we have current contact information in case of an emergency.  This form can be returned to us by US mail or electronically.

Office email:

Robert McGonigle
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Title IX Coordinator 
Rev. John J. Lane C.S.C. House, 166 N. Franklin St.
Phone: 570.208.5875
Fax: 570 208 6023

Schedule Appointment:

Michele Maczuga
Executive Secretary
Phone: 570.208.5875