The Elections Commission shall exist as a service to the student body for the purpose of conducting the Student Government elections. The Elections Commission shall act as an independent body, advised by the Student Government Executive Board Advisors. 

Elections Commissioner 
Cassidy Crawford

Dominick Mattei

Each year, the Executive Board President appoints an Elections Commissioner. The duties of the Elections Commissioner are: 

  1. Managing all general, executive, and special elections of Student Government. 
  2. Implementing, in good faith, these Student Government Election Rules. 
  3. Working with Executive Board or Class Boards to fill vacancies should they arise through processes defined in the Student Government Constitution. 
  4. Reviewing the Student Government Constitution with all members of the Elections Commission and ensuring awareness of their responsibilities. 
  5. Providing an official candidates' packet to eligible students by the deadlines designated within the packet. 
  6. Procuring all materials necessary to conduct student body elections. 
  7. Nominating and training the deputy elections commissioners.  
  8. Selecting and training any poll workers deemed necessary. 
  9. Overseeing the publicity and marketing surrounding all student body elections. 
  10. Overseeing the planning and holding of any violation hearings and the announcement of election results.  
  11. Overseeing the tabulation of results of all student body elections. 

Eligibility to be an Elections Commissioner. It is required that this person be a full-time undergraduate student who is a senior that anticipates graduating at the end of the academic year of their term. Preferably, this student would have prior Student Government experience.