The ALLY Program is available at King’s College to assist faculty, staff and students in becoming resources for students who are part of the LGBTQ community.  It is a process of working to develop individual attitudes, institutions and cultures in which people who are LGBTQ feel they matter. This work is motivated by an enlightened self-interest to end homophobia and heterosexism. 

safe space logo

Faculty, staff and students of King’s College who have been trained in the ALLY Program display the above ALLY Symbol on the door of their office or residence hall rooms.  This symbol indicates the individual’s willingness to discuss LGBTQ concerns.

An ALLY is…

  • one who serves as an information resource to the King’s College community
  • one who works to end oppression and discrimination of the LGBTQ student
  • one who provides a non-judgmental and compassionate space for LGBTQ students to be accepted and heard   
  • one who is familiar with issues and concerns of the LGBTQ community
  • one who has attended the ALLY Program

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