All student organizations who wish to raise money, either on- or off-campus, whether for their own purposes or for charity, must receive approval for this project from Campus Activities and Student Government. This approval is obtained by submitting the “Class, Club, and Organization Fundraising Perming Form” (which can be picked up in the Student Government Office). 

Permit Forms may be submitted no more than 30 days prior to the fundraiser with exceptions made by Campus Activities and Student Government. Student Government and Campus Activities reserve the right to refuse any proposed project that fails to meet guidelines at any time in the process. 

Any organization wishing to sell an imprinted item must first submit an electronic copy of the proof via e-mail to the designated person in the Office of College Marketing and Communications and receive their approval of the proof prior to submitting a Fundraising Permit Form. When submitting the permit form, you must attach a copy of the proof (preferably in color) and attach a copy of approval of the proof from the Office of College Marketing and Communications. 

Once the Permit Form is both complete and in compliance with policy, please bring the form to the Student Government Office. 

Once the proposed project has been reviewed by both SGA and Campus Activities, the contact person on the submitted form will be informed via email as to whether the proposed project has been approved or why it was not. The approved or unapproved “Permit Form” will then be placed in the organization’s mailbox located in the Student Government Office. Approved and signed Permit Forms can then be taken to the Conference and Events office to request set-up needs and reserve event space.