Gifted high school seniors, and in some instances, juniors, may take up to 6 credits per semester at $183 per class ($61 per credit) in first-year or introductory-level courses during the academic year (fall and spring) and in the summer at King's College. The purpose is to orient talented local high school students to the college environment and to provide each student with an extensive, challenging experience in an academic discipline.

To qualify for the program, high school seniors should be in the top 20% of their class, and juniors in the top 10% of their class. Students need to complete the application/registration form for the program, and have their school counselor recommend them by sending along a copy of their transcript, to the Young Scholars Program to Students can complete the online application/registration form linked above. The timing of form submission will dictate when a class schedule is formed and sent to a student via email. 

King's faculty and staff: If your son or daughter is interested in participating in the Young Scholars program, please have them register for the program and then reach out to Young Scholars program coordinator Michelle Landon for more information at

The college also offers a limited of classes via Distance Education for students who live outside the local area. These classes are offered via videoconferencing through the high schools, so students would need to check with their high schools to see if they have the capability to receive a class via videoconferencing.