The McGowan Hispanic Outreach Program at King’s was inaugurated in 2006 with generous funding from the McGowan Charitable Fund.  The McGowan Charitable Fund was started by William G. McGowan, a 1952 graduate of King’s College and the founder of MCI Telecommunications.

The McGowan Hispanic Outreach Program seeks to create an organized framework for the purpose of building strong relationships between the local Hispanic Community and King’s College, and to assist in addressing the educational needs of Hispanic families.

The McGowan Hispanic Outreach Program serves families and youths who are relative newcomers to the Wilkes-Barre area by providing educational programming in the following areas:

  • Biweekly Afterschool Homework Help at Daniel Flood Elementary School in conjunction with King’s College Education Department
  • Bimonthly Pathways to Success Middle School Program at King’s College
  • Weekly Pathways to College High School Mentoring Program at King’s College
  • High School Summer Residential Enrichment Program
  • Weekly Adult Basic English as a Second Language Program at King’s College

The McGowan Hispanic Outreach Program Hispanic assists students who are enrolled at King’s College through the following programs:

  • McGowan Hispanic Scholars Program at King’s College
  • Spanish for Heritage Speakers (Core/Spanish 147) in conjunction with King’s Core Curriculum requirement for Foreign Languages and Cultures

For more information about the Hispanic Outreach Program, contact Rochelle Plummer at or by phone at (570) 208-8411.