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Authority Gap
How we can close this pernicious gap and why everyone wins when we do so.
What are Microaggressions?
A quick overview of microaggressions: Cartoon to explain microaggressions in a simpler way
No. You Cannot Touch My Hair
Video resource
Mena is the driving force behind the international campaign “No. You Cannot Touch My Hair” which has attracted contributions from people across the UK and around the world. Over half the respondents said they had their hair touched on a monthly basis by people they’d never met before. Mena says: “We are not animals in zoos - #DONTTOUCH”
3 Secrets of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Leadership – Ted Talk with Brianna Johnson
Video resource
Creating Inclusive Workplaces for All – Ted Talk with Catarina Rivera
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DEI Programs and Offices

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Academic Skills Center

The Center provides opportunity for all students to enhance active learning and develop study strategies through tutoring and learning strategy instruction sessions. Part of this mission includes serving students with a diverse array of disabilities in academic and personal development. Email or browse the Academic Skills Center website here.

Achievement Plus

Achievement Plus: This program serves academically and financially disadvantaged qualified student populations with support to help remove academic, social, emotional, and economic barriers while allowing students to focus on successfully completing their education. Email or browse the Achievement Plus website here.

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry includes trained professionals who are available to be of assistance to any student, staff, or faculty member regardless of religious affiliation or spiritual background. Any member of the team can be contacted by email or by stopping by the Office of Campus Ministry. Email or browse the Campus Ministry website here.

Counseling Center

The Center supports students’ overall emotional and mental health and well-being in a welcoming environment. They provide individual counseling, group therapy, psychoeducational workshops, and outreach and are committed to practicing with inclusivity, cultural competence, and cultural humility. Staff are Safe Space trained and strive to provide trauma informed care. Email or browse the Counseling Center website here.

First Generation Monarchs

This group helps students become the first in their family to earn a four-year degree by ensuring equitable practices that eliminate barriers to first-generation students’ success. Opportunities include mentoring, soft-skill development, honors membership, networking, leadership growth, and more. Email or browse the First Generation Monarchs website here.

International Student Services

The office provides international students with advising, immigration services, advocacy, outreach, and engagement throughout the College while promoting intercultural understanding. Email or browse the International Student Services website here.

McGowan Hispanic Outreach Program

This office educates, informs, supports, and serves Hispanic students and families through strategic programs and services that build strong relationships. The office builds awareness of barriers that can hinder academic success and advocates for access and opportunities that propel the Hispanic student population forward.  Email or browse the Hispanic Outreach Program website here.

The Office of Multicultural and International Student Programs

From the fun and educational diversity programs, trainings, and events; cultural trips; and opportunities to grow for all students to non-academic advising and encouragement for our minority students, M.I.S.P is a community for learning and championing the inherent dignity of every person. Email or browse the MISP website here.

Office of Study Abroad

Study abroad opportunities are available to students of all majors and years of study. Students can choose from a variety of programs based on interests, time commitment, and cost, all while practicing intercultural skills, making new friends, and building a resume. Financial aid and scholarships may be available.  Email or browse the Study Abroad website here.

Student Groups and Clubs 

King’s College has a wide variety of student clubs and organizations on campus that can be joined at any time. Those with missions around diversity, equity, and inclusion are included below. Students who wish to form a new organization or club can email Campus Activities at or submit an online request 

  • Black Student Union (BSU) 
  • Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) 
  • La Raza Association (LRA) 
  • Multicultural International Club (M.I.C) 
  • South Asian Student Association (SASA)  
  • Student Government Diversity and Inclusion Committee