It is the duty of the Student Government Association to equitably distribute funds from its annual fiscal budget through a Grant Allocation Program to recognized and qualified student groups. It is the responsibility of the SGA to ensure that such funds are spent in the best interest of the student body.  

Eligibility to Apply

Clubs and Class Boards are encouraged to apply for a Grant when needed. Class Boards must submit a Gran Form to the Budget/Finance Committee. The committee will vote to either approve or reject the grant request. 

To be eligible to receive a grant through the SGA Grant Allocation Program, the organization must have: 

  1. Completed the SGA Grant Allocation Program Request Form 
  2. The organization must have completed a service project in the previous semester of the grant request time and submitted both a "Pre-Service Form" and "Post-Service Form." This requirement is exempt to the first-year class board and new clubs and orgs in their first semester.  
  3. The organization must have completed a fundraising project in the previous semester of the grant request time and submitted a "Pre-Fundraising Form". This requirement is exempt to the first-year class board and new clubs and orgs in their first semester.  
  4. Demonstrated compliance with all policies, regulations, guidelines, and procedures of King's College.
  5. Grant cannot be used for any of the following reasons:
    1. Food and expenses for regularly scheduled meetings
    2. For clothing purchases.
    3. To purchase alcoholic beverages, except for the Senior Class Board, who must follow college policy regarding alcoholic beverages at college events.
    4. To fund academic journals.
    5. For any type of donations and contributions to charitable organizations in any form or manner. An organization may sponsor a fundraising event to raise money for contributions. It must be clearly understood that only net profits may be used for contributions.
    6. As cash rewards (not including Gift Cards).
    7. By an organization for investment purposes.
    8. To pay for individual memberships or private lessons.
    9. For hooding or graduation ceremonies.

Presentation and Approval/Rejection of Grant Requests

If deemed necessary, the Budget and Finance Committee Chair (Student Government Treasurer) can request a brief presentation between the Student Organization and the Budget and Finance Committee concerning requested funds to the Student Organization from the Budget and Finance Committee, followed by a question-and-answer session between the Budget and Finance Committee and the Student Organization. 

  • If a grant is requested for $299 or less, a majority vote by the Budget/Finance Committee shall suffice for the grant request's approval. 
  • If a grant is requested for $300 or greater and passes by a vote of the Budget/Finance Committee, the proposal will also be subject to the Student Government General Board's approval during a General Board Meeting.  

Grants will not be given to organizations if financial need is not adequately described on the grant request form and/or during a dialogue between Student Government and the Class, Club, or Organization. It will be up to the discretion of the Budget/Financial Committee to determine if a financial need exists.

If an organization has not completed and delivered all necessary forms to the appropriate person/location, the Budget and Finance Committee Chair reserves the right to withhold funds from the organization.

All grant requests shall obtain signatures from the Executive Board President and one of the Executive Board Advisors acting as the Budget and Finance Committee Advisor. These signatures shall serve to indicate that a fair process was followed for Grant approval.


All Student Organizations that receive a grant from Student Government will be subject to an Audit at the end of the semester.

Grant Limit per Semester

Organizations may only receive one (1) grant per semester. Student Organizations shall only receive a second grant or more for the semester, with two-thirds majority approval from the General Board, regardless of the amount.