Directors are required to submit weekly reports to the Executive President and to other Directors. Directors will be in contact and will work with each other and/or with an Executive Board member to review any paperwork, issue, or concern brought before them. Directors may be asked to chair or co-chair committees as needed. All Directors must give bi-weekly reports at General Board meetings.

Director of SGA Affairs

Nancy Zheng
Contact Information:


  • Coordinate with classes on financial issues, projects, etc…
  • Receive Class Reports bi-weekly from Class Secretaries.
  • Work with the Executive Board and/or faculty advisors when internal Student Government issues arise.
  • Address concerns brought forth by members of the General Board against other members of the General Board.
  • Work as part of the Attendance Committee that determines if a student has violated the SGA attendance policy.
  • Coordinate with all Class Presidents concerning issues brought forth by members of each individual class.
  • To work on other committees as assigned.


Director of Clubs and Organizations

Ivy Vazquez
Contact Information:


  • To coordinate with all clubs and organizations.
  • To work with the Executive Treasurer to distribute grant packets and relevant forms.
  • To approve/deny club/organization fundraisers and events.
  • To work with the Chief Information Officer to place club/organization events on SGA calendar.
  • To act as an intermediary between the Office of Campus Activities, the Campus Activities liaison, and Administration.
  • To schedule meetings throughout the semester with Class/Club/Organization Presidents and Treasurers to discuss the state of the clubs, fundraisers, and service projects.
  • To work with Campus Activities to identify outstanding Class/Club/Organization of each semester, top service project of the semester, and top fundraiser of the semester.
  • To manage and oversee proper office storage and use.
  • To work on other committees as assigned.


Director of Student Life & Outreach

Contact Information:


  •  To promote the King’s College Student Government Association.
  •  To work with Admissions and Orientation Staff to make information about Student Government available to incoming students.
  •  To coordinate/oversee the creation of all official Student Government publications.
  •  To encourage students’ participation in Student Government events, committees, and elections.
  •  To meet with the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs/Dean of Students about any concerns about the Student Body brought forth by the General Board.
  •  To periodically survey the student body about issues brought to student government.
  •  To serve on the Public Relations Committee.
  •  To work on other committees as assigned.