We promote and celebrate a multicultural environment

The Office of Multicultural and International Student Programs supports the identity of every student. We offer educational and social programs that highlight the value every student brings to campus regardless of race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, socio-economic level, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We believe the strength of a multicultural atmosphere is in the understanding of what makes every student unique.

Fall Diversity Festival Poster, September / October 2022 - PDF Download

Mark your calendars and get excited to celebrate diversity! Check out our full schedule of fall 2022 events here.


  • Annual Diversity Festival
  • Wilkes Barre Multicultural Parade
  • N.E.P.D.E.C Sponsored Events
  • N.A.A.C.P Banquet
  • Cultural Holiday Celebrations
  • Movie Nights
  • Etiquette Dinner
  • Ultimate Flag Challenge
  • Martin L King Jr. Program
  • SAFE SPACE Program
  • Real Talks: Groups come together to discuss a selected diversity topic
  • Diversity Trainings and Conferences
  • SANKOFA Conference
  • Multicultural Graduation Ceremony

Student Groups

M.I.C - Multicultural International Club 

MIC promotes cultural awareness and the fellowship of all students at Kings College. MIC host entertaining educational and social programs throughout the year that is typically open to all students. Some of the notable programs held in the past are Fashion Show, All Around The World, Glow Party, Elementary School Multicultural Nights, and King's Gift Exchange. The club also donates to multiple organizations.  Any King's College student can join MIC.The Multicultural Club meets once every two weeks.

GSA - Gay-Straight Alliance

Student Allies For Equality (SAFE) is the Ally organization of King’s College. SAFE consists of a group of dedicated individuals who seek to foster awareness, understanding, and acceptance of the many issues facing the LGBTQ community. While this is our primary goal, we also maintain other important objectives such as the continuation of a ‘safe’ environment free of bias through educating the campus community in understanding the complexities of sexual orientation-identification. In addition, we aim to unite the campus community by various means of proactive events such as open discussions of LGBTQ issues within the campus and surrounding community.

SASA- South Asian Student Association

To educate the King’s community about South Asian Culture. This organization will provide: A) Programs to educate the community.  B) Events to celebrate holidays (Ex: Diwali, Holi, Navratri). C) A place to socialize and make new South Asian friends and those interested in the culture

Contact Information

Portrait of Jasmine Giddings, Widmann Gallery Coordinator

Jasmine L Giddings
Widmann Gallery Coordinator
Director of Multicultural and International Student Programs