portrait photo of Jennifer Darrell

The Multifarious Faculty Award: Jennifer Darrell

This award recognizes a faculty member who encourages the King’s Community to learn about issues of oppression of marginalized members of society and engages the community to create a more just world. This can be done directly in the classroom, working with clubs and student organizations, and/or through mentorship of students.

  • Dr. Darrell uses her language courses to educate students on many different aspects of Spanish-speaking cultures.
  • She creates a new awareness of the struggles that minority groups in developing countries face.
  • She helps her classes conduct projects that help those that are oppressed and less fortunate in other areas of the world.
portrait photo of Jasmine Giddings

The Leading Leo Staff Award: Jasmine Giddings 

This award recognizes the leadership and efforts of a staff member in advancing and advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion. This can be done by taking the lead in creating awareness events to create a welcoming environment for all, initiating an action plan to remove barriers that go against the DEI mission statement, or demonstrating a great interest in the mission by collaborating with dedicating their efforts towards working with the DEI Committee and its various subgroups. 

  • Jasmine has been acting as the voice for so many different students of color. From encouraging us to speak up about various issues of oppression to being a listening ear, Jasmine has been there since day one.
  • Jasmine is THE driving force for bringing so many of our students and employees together to celebrate our diverse community. She's been a driving force for a long time, and her passion shines through in her work. She's tireless, and her dedication to our campus community is evident.
  • Jasmine has been a champion of DEI since her first day at King's. Through her programming, advocacy, and relationship building she has created a space for students to be less alone and more empowered at King's.
  • Jasmine works collaboratively across many offices and student groups and has had an outsized impact on our community's commitment to DEI.
  • I have stood by her side as she walks into HCE classrooms and helps students get involved in diversity talks.
  • I think her leadership and enthusiasm to help this campus outshines everything else that she does because when I see her, I see a better, more diverse, future for King's College.

The Inclusive Excellence and Diversity Student Group Award: Diversity and Inclusion Student Committee (Student Government)

This award recognizes a student club or organization that strives to impact the King’s College community through emphasizing, prioritizing, and expanding inclusivity, equity, and diversity. This can be done by collaborating with the DEI committee and its various subgroups.

  • Having a student-led group that just formed this year, and within a few months were able to organize a great Diversity and Inclusion Fashion Show!
  • Many of them being seniors still found time to have meetings and commit to something that is not an easy to do.
  • The individual groups: South Asian Student Association, Black Student Union, Multicultural and International Club, Gay Straight Alliance, and La Raza Association came together and showed inclusivity by working together to show what collaboration and diversity can do!
portrait photo of Paige Gould

The Student for Diversity Award: Paige Gould

This award recognizes a student for their achievement in raising awareness about diversity on campus. This student demonstrates their contribution through involvement in diversity programs and events on campus. The student has also collaborated with the Office of MISP and other diverse student organizations on campus to create inclusive events and programs regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • Paige Gould has been an integral part of the GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) here at King's. She has gone out of her way to connect with incoming first-year students to let them know they are welcome at King's College.
  • Paige continually puts herself out there to stand for others, make them feel wanted here at King's, and is always respectful and well-spoken.
  • She has coordinated events with Campus Ministry, such as vigils for LBGTQ+ students who have lost their lives to suicide.
  • Paige should be recognized for her continued efforts to stand up for a marginalized community.
  • Paige is one of the most incredible people I have ever met. She helps students find a place to be their authentic selves.
  • She has done so much to ensure the safety of LGBTQ+ students on campus and takes every step she can to make both club members on non-members feel heard and seen on campus.
  • I only hope I can follow her example and help at least one student feel loved, accepted, and safe on campus and help provide a safe space to be their true selves too.
  • She is open-minded, tries to hear all sides of an argument, and is extremely professional and caring. 
  • She has gone out of her way so many times to accommodate everyone's schedule even though she is extremely busy as a fourth-year Physician Assistant major.