Global Learning for the Common Good!

Welcome to the Office of Study Abroad website! King’s College offers students in all majors the opportunity to study abroad in over 60 countries. We also bring the world to campus via innovative virtual programs and collaborations. At King’s, students mature into fervent global citizens through unique faculty mentoring in short-term programs, semester study abroad, and international research and internships - all while practicing intercultural skills, making new friends, and building resumes. Come explore the world with us!

Mission Statement

The Office of Study Abroad at King’s College fosters excellent, inclusive global academic experiences that promote collaboration, curiosity, intercultural competence, and social justice.

Learning Outcomes

  • Worldliness (knowledge of world events, empathy)
  • Intercultural Competence
  • Academic enrichment (international aspects of discipline/major)
  • Language Learning

For office location, staff information, and hours, please visit our contact page.