All meetings will take place at 3:30-5:00pm in the Student Government Office. At least one person, preferably the Treasurer or President, should be present.

At the meeting the following must be handed in:

1. Monthly Financial Report
2. Updated Member List
3. Service Form (if completed)

Date TBA Club Audits

Near the end of each semester clubs will be audited in the Campus Activities Suite. We will notify all classes, clubs, and organizations when it will take place. ALL CLUBS MUST BE AUDITED in order to be eligible for a spring grant.

If the end of the semester is coming to a close. Make sure you complete your service project in order to be eligible for a grant in the spring semester. For ideas or help in completing a service project, contact the Office of Volunteer Services or our Student Government O.V.S./Campus Ministry Liaison.



1. All registered classes, clubs and organizations that satisfy the following requirements are eligible to receive grants or loans from Student Government.
All classes, clubs/organizations must have a constitution on file in the SG office. Each class, club/organization must also submit an updated officer and advisor list to the SG Treasurer by the end of the first week of Fall classes or immediately after elections (if held in the Fall).

2. A class, club/organization must have an acceptable set of financial records and receipts to receive a grant. This will be determined from the previous semester's audit opinion rendered by the Accounting Association. If a class, club/organization fails an audit, it may still be eligible the following semester for funding if the officers correct all discrepancies in their financial records and can demonstrate to the SG Treasurer that they are capable of passing the next audit.

3.Each class, club/organization must have completed a service project for either the college or the outside community in the semester previous to the one in which it is applying for a grant or loan. All new clubs and organizations and the Freshman class are eligible for a grant their first semester but must complete a service project during the semester in order to qualify for the next semester. It is necessary for each class, club and organization to complete the service project form with sufficient evidential matter to verify that stated service event did indeed take place. When applying for a grant from SG, the class, club/organization must provide a sufficient description of the intended service project in addition to the financial request.

4.Each class, club/organization president and treasurer must attend and bring with them an updated member list, a list of goals and accomplishment, and a financial report to each meeting called by the SG Clubs & Organizations Coordinator. If the President or Treasurer is unable to attend, another officer of the club must sit in their place. Furthermore, the SG Clubs and Organization Coordinator must have copies of individual club/organization meetings on file.

Section II Grant Guidelines

1. A class, club/organization may apply for a grant at any time during the semester. The Board of Representatives and Treasurer will determine the maximum amount for a request at the beginning of each academic year.

2. A grant request form will be distributed to each class club/organization who decides to apply for a grant must then complete the required form and present orally to the SG Board of Representatives their request. This presentation should take place at the second meeting of the board of Representatives each semester. Classes, clubs, and organizations who fail to attend this meeting may not apply for a grant.

3. The SG Treasurer along with the SG Executive Board, will review all relevant information regarding the grant request and will make a recommendation concerning the grant. The Board will vote by a majority to accept or reject the recommendation.

4. Each class, club/organization will complete a post-project report within three weeks after completion of the event or project the grant was intended to finance. A class, club/organization is not eligible for any additional money until a copy of all financial records of the event or project is reported.

5. Educational trips can be funded in full or in part by a grant or loan. Qualified receipts must be submitted to the SG Treasurer immediately upon return.

6. The following items have an automatic grant: Freshman Class after election $150 Fall; New clubs when registered $150