Welcome to King’s College!

International students contribute to the vibrant global community at King’s College.  The office of International Student Advising offers support on many matters to the international student community.  As a home away from home, students can come for help with any questions or just to talk.  It is our goal to help all our students be successful while at King’s College.  As part of our support, the services we offer international students include:

  • Orientation to King’s College and the surrounding community before the start of each semester
  • Provide cultural, social and academic support and advising for international students
  • Organize and create opportunities for integration between U.S. and international students
  • Cultural awareness
  • Advocacy, education, outreach and engagement

The material and links within this section provide information for prospective and current international students.

Contact and Office Location for Coordinator of International Student Services
Gina M. Petrucelli
107 N. Franklin Street
Phone: 570-208-5864
Fax: 570-208-8027
Email:  ginapetrucelli@kings.edu
Office Hours
Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
        Walk-in hours for Fall 2018 semester (all other time are by appointment only)
                    Monday - 8:30am - noon
                    Tuesday - 8:30am - noon
                    Wednesday - 8:30am - noon
                    Thursday - 8:30am - noon
                    Friday - 8:30am - noon

Admission and Student Visa Applications

The Office of International Student Advising DOES NOT assist with admission or student visa applications. For admission and visa information, please visit:


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