The Academic Skills Center services are in-person and virtual when requested. King's students and faculty can join the Academic Skills Center MOODLE page for detailed information on services.
WE ARE OPEN THROUGH SUMMER 8:00am- 4:00pm M-TH, Fridays 8:00am-2:00pm. 
  • FIRST-YEAR ACADEMIC STUDIES PROGRAM (FASP) for students with disabilities to get extra support for a fee (see link below)

The Academic Skills Center offers academic support services and programs for all students, full and part-time, as they matriculate at King's College. The mission of the Academic Skills Center is to create an opportunity for students to enhance active learning, increase retention, and develop overall academic and personal strategies by providing individualized attention to develop life-long learners.  The goal of our services is to maximize a person’s educational potential while supporting independence and advocacy skills.  In addition, we look forward to working with non-traditional and Military and Veteran students at King's College

King's College Tutoring- Available for Summer too

  1. Tutoring will use online Sign-up forms. There are no fees.
  2. Tutoring is IN-PERSON with a virtual option as requested which will use ( Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoBoard, or Facetime, etc.)  
  3. As always, we suggest contacting an instructor as the first step in support.
  4. We also suggest instructional videos- youtube and Khan Academy have many available.

Accessibility, Accommodations, and Disability Services

The process has several easy steps:
  1. Submit Documentation (see criteria ) to the Director of the Academic Skills Center (ASC)/Disability Services (DS) Coordinator. 
  2. Meet with the Director of ASC/Disability Services Coordinator to discuss your strengths, barriers, and accommodations in an interactive intake session in-person or on Zoom.
  3. Director/DS Coordinator will review all information and determine appropriate accommodations which are communicated in an Accommodation Letter sent to the student in email.
  4. The student shares the Accommodation Letter with instructors. Faculty will carry out accommodations for those who disclose a disability and request their accommodations through the Academic Skills Center/Disability Services Coordinator process .  
  5. The student keeps open communication through the semester with faculty and the Director/DS Coordinator to fully use accommodations.

Students with a King's College email account can use the New Accommodations and Documentation Upload Form to start the accommodation process. Those with no King's College email can send documentation to the Disability Services Coordinator at or fax 570-825-9049 attention Yech. Any Military member or Veteran who was wounded, disabled, or is currently experiencing medical or mental health struggles impacting academic work, is encouraged to reach out to learn more about support and services. 

 First-year Academic Studies Program (FASP)

Fee-Based program for first and second year students with documented disabilities seeking structured transitional support. See page for additional details.

Testing Center

  1. The ASC Testing Center will be open for in-person tests.
  2. Use the Test Request Form online or stop by to complete one in person. Cleaning protocols will be in place. 
  3. Two business days prior notice is needed for effective notice/communication with instructors. This ensures we can obtain a copy of the test/quiz and reserve staff for proctoring. 
  4. *Instructor will receive an email from the ASC staff with notice of the student's request.              

Learning Strategy Workshops or Individual Instruction

​1. Workshops will take place in-person.  View the current Schedule here.
2. Learning Specialist sessions can be scheduled with Sheri Yech and Dawn Shedlarski. A Zoom or face to face meeting will be set up. 
3. Contact infomation and calendar links are below. 

Use these links for more detailed information. is an email that sends to ALL ASC STAFF.

Mrs. Sheri Yech - Director
Disability Services Coordinator
Phone: 570.208.5800 
Book an Appointment

Mrs. Dawn Shedlarski
Learning Disabilities  and FASP Coordinator
Phone: 570.208.8087
Book an Appoinment

Ms. Susan Urban
Administrative Specialist/ Testing Center contact 
Phone: 570.208.5841

Dr. Laurie Sterling
Director of Writing Center
Phone: 570.208.5705