The Academic Skills Center will continue services in-person and virtual - TUTORING, ACCOMMODATIONS AND DISABILITY SERVICES, and LEARNING STRATEGY INSTRUCTION. King's students and faculty can join the Academic Skills Center MOODLE page for detailed information on services. 

The Academic Skills Center offers academic support services and programs for all students, full and part-time, as they matriculate at King's College. The goal of these programs and services is to assist students in attaining academic success.

  • Tutoring-  Tutoring will use online Sign-up forms. Tutoring is IN-PERSON. A student may request a virtual session which will use one of several video meeting platforms ( Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoBoard Facetime, etc.)  As always, we suggest contacting an instructor as the first step in support. We also suggest instructional videos- youtube and Khan Academy have many available. Click on Tutoring Program link below for sign-up form links or check out our ASC Moodle page.
  • Accommodations- Please complete this form to start the accommodation process or contact the Disability Services Coordinator at 570-208-5841 Form is here
  • Faculty will carry out accommodations for those who disclose a disability and request their accommodations through the Academic Skills Center/Disability Services Coordinator process .  Click here for details. Some accommodations meant for in-person environments, may not be appropriate for an online course. We also anticipate new accommodations being necessary or additional students disclosing a disability during this time. The Classroom Accommodation forms will be electronically sent to a student who can then share with any instructor via email. A hard-copy form is available upon request.
  • Testing Center- The ASC Testing Center will be open for in-person tests. Use the Test Request Form online or stop by to complete one in person. Cleaning protocols will be in place. Instructors see our ASC MOODLE page for Test Center Instructions when a student is using our service.                 
  • Learning Strategy Workshops-  Workshops will take place in-person.  Click the link below for a schedule. 
  • Strategy Instruction- Learning Specialist sessions can be scheduled with Sheri Yech and Dawn Shedlarski. A video or face to face meeting will be set up. See contact info below or use

Click these links for more detailed information. is an email that sends to ALL ASC STAFF

Mrs. Sheri Yech - Director
Disability Services Coordinator
Phone: 570.208.5800     E-mail:

Book an Appointment:

Mr. Peter Charney
Tutorial Coordinator

Phone: 570.208.5823

Book an Appointment: ( 

Mrs. Dawn Shedlarski
Learning Disabilities Coordinator

Phone: 570.208.8087

Book an Appoinment:

Ms. Susan Urban
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 570.208.5841

Dr. Laurie Sterling
Director of Writing Center
Phone: 570.208.5705