Achievement Plus (formerly Act 101) is designed to assist students whose financial resources to attend college are limited. This program assists highly motivated students who show the potential to succeed in college but may need support mastering the academic rigors and building self-confidence through a structured program of tutoring, counseling, financial assistance, career guidance, and advisement. There is no entry fee, no participation fee, and no exit fee.

Meet Our Staff

Portrait photo of Kelly Lettieri in professional attire.

Kelly Lettieri
Director, Achievement Plus
(570) 208-5897

Portrait photo of Jonathan Kadjeski in professional attire.

Jonathan Kadjeski
Achievement Plus Student Success Counselor
(570) 208-5900 ext. 5709

Portrait photo of Maura Modrovsky in professional attire.

Maura Modrovsky
Achievement Plus Student Services Coordinator
(570) 208-5900 ext. 5915

Portrait photo of Diana Hoover in professional attire.

Diana Hoover
Administrative Assistant
(570) 208-5900 ext. 5708