Basic Skills Assessment Options

Basic Skills Assessments - Composite Score Option

You may combine reading, writing and mathematics module scores from different test providers to meet the basic skills requirements. You may use the composite score method to meet the requirement when you do well in one or two areas to compensate for a lower score in the other area. The composite score is the sum of the passing scores.  Use the Composite Score Calculator when mixing tests.  Note When using the composite score, each test must meet or exceed the minimum score listed.

I. ACT  (Test registration link:

Test Name Section Passing Score Minimum Composite Score
ACT – after August 31, 2015 Reading 22 20
  Writing 21 17
  Writing after Sept. 2016 8 7
  Mathematics 21 19
Composite ACT Test Score: Sept 2015-Aug 2016:
September 2016 and later:

II. CORE Academic (Test registration link:

CORE Test Option Effective
6/1/2014 for non-vocational
Test Number Passing Score Minimum Composite Score
Reading 5712 156 148
Mathematics 5732 142 132
Writing 5722 162 158
Composite CORE Test Score:   460  

III. PAPA (Test registration link:

Test Name Test Number Passing Score Minimum Composite Score
Reading 8001 220 193
Mathematics 8002 193 176*
Writing 8003 220 192
Composite CORE Test Score:   633  

*We will accept 174 from candidates accepted into an educator certification program prior to 8/31/2016

IV. SAT (Test registration link:

Test Date Test Passing Score Minimum Composite Score
SAT  – prior to March 1, 2016      
  Critical Reading 500  
  Mathematics 500  
  Writing 500  
  Composite SAT Test Score: 1500  
SAT - after February 29, 2016      
  Reading 27 25
  Mathematics 26 24
  Writing and Language 28 26
  Composite SAT Test Score: 81  

V. PPST (Praxis I)*

Test Name Test Number Passing Score Minimum Composite Score
PPST or Computerized PPST Reading 0710 or 5710 172 169
PPST or Computerized PPST Writing 0720 or 5720 173 170
PPST or Computerized PPST Mathematics 0730 or 5730 173 170
  Composite PPST Test Score: 518  

 *Test Series Must be Started Prior to 12/31/2012

VI. The Math Basic Skills test may be passed by earning a grade of “B” or better in both Math 101 and Math 102 at King’s College beginning Fall 2017.

We strongly encourage you to take these tests as early as possible. 

Please note:

Passing these tests are required to gain formal admission into the Teacher Preparation Program (between 48 and 60 credits) and to be able to enroll in 300 and 400 level education courses.

PDE periodically changes the passing scores on certification tests.It is your responsibility to be aware of these changes and how they may apply to you.

Any scores that have been officially reported to the department can be found in TaskStream for current students.