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Carina Hastings '20

Democracy, Justice, and Rights: Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany

King’s Short-Term Faculty-Led Program, Summer 2019

Favorite class/part of course? My favorite part of the class was actually being in Europe and experiencing first-hand the type of culture and political system that we had talked about in class for weeks prior to the trip.

What was the best part about your experience? My favorite part of the whole trip was getting to know the other students in the class, forming friendships and then having the time of our lives together in a totally new country and culture everyday. It was also really cool to get to know the professors outside of the classroom.

How has this experience has influenced you upon your return to America? This experience has enlightened me to the ways in which our culture suffers. I think the fact that most Americans (including myself) are monolingual is quite sad. It has also enlightened me as to how bad America is on the environment because the amount of or should I say, lack of, cars even in big cities in Europe and the use of public transportation.

Why you would recommend studying abroad? I would recommend studying abroad because it can alter your perspective of the world around you and open your mind to appreciate other cultures and adopt some aspects of another’s culture into your own.

woman stands on balcony in foreign city