Beginning in 2007, the McGowan Hispanic Outreach Program at King’s College began to offer a three-week Summer Residential Enrichment Program in late-June/early-July.  This program is available to students who participated in the High School Mentoring program during the academic year.   Occasionally, other students are invited to attend the summer residential enrichment program at the recommendation of their high school guidance counselor.

During the course of the three-week program, students reside in a King’s College residence hall from Sunday evening until Friday at noon.  Each day, the students follow a schedule of classes as they would if they were attending college.  The usual course offerings include:  English, Mathematics, Science, Theater, Leadership and an elective (History, Environmental Science, or Psychology).  The program includes workshops on Career Planning, Study Skills, and College Financing.   Time is provided each day to use the King’s College athletic facilities, and social events are planned each week.

Over 100 students have participated in the Summer Residential Enrichment Program since its inception.   Normally, the class is restricted to 20 participants.

King's College and the McGowan Hispanic Outreach Program are grateful to The Prudential Insurance Company of America for its generous financial support of the Summer Residential Enrichment Program.