• Submit this form online (please see below) to the Student Affairs Office or email information to studentaffairs@kings.edu, by August 16th to avoid a delay in receiving your semester schedule from the Registrar’s Office.
  • Students that fail to provide this information will have a HOLD placed on their class registration, transcripts and records.
  • Students commuting from the permanent home of their parents within 45 miles of campus do not need to complete this form.
  • Note: This form must be filled out each academic year whether you change your address or remain at the same location.
  • If your off campus address, telephone or landlord’s information changes during the academic year, you are required by College policy to notify the Registrar’s Office and the Student Affairs Office within one week.

Off Campus Address

Person(s) with whom you are sharing your off campus apartment/house *
* If a roommate is not a student, please write "non-student" next to their name.
Landlord Information

Residency Policy

To move off campus you must meet the following requirements:

All first-year and sophomore students who do not reside within commuting distance (within 45 miles of campus) and who are under 21 years of age are required to live in College housing. Junior and senior students who have successfully completed at least 57 credit hours and maintain a 2.5 minimum GPA may reside off campus but must submit an off-campus form.  A student meeting those criteria will be conditionally approved, pending the successful completion of the semester prior to moving off campus.

A commuter student is defined as a student who resides in the permanent home of his or her parents or legal guardian, or in the home of a close relative (who is not a student and is at least 30 years of age), and who commutes to classes each day. A commuter may not reside more than forty-five driving miles from home to the campus.

College Policies Regarding Off Campus Behavior

The College expects all students, those living on or off campus or commuting from the home of their parents or guardians, to act in an appropriate manner and treat others with respect.  College policies reflect the minimal acceptable level of behavior and the consequences of not meeting these expectations.

  • Students on and off campus are not permitted to possess any street, traffic or construction signs.  Students who violate this policy will be referred to Student Affairs for disciplinary action and to the local authorities.
  • A student who is cited or arrested by the police for being under the influence of alcohol or drugs or for being disorderly, and is detained at the police station or other location, will not be signed or bailed out by college officials.  The student will need to arrange for another person, whom the police deem suitable, to sign them out.  If the student cannot arrange for an appropriate person to sign them out from the police station, the student will be detained until the police decide to release them.
  • If a citation is issued at an off campus house owned, rented or leased by King’s College students, the tenants of the dwelling will be suspended from the College for no less than one full semester.  The tenants, whether present or not at the incident when the citation is issued, are responsible for behavior that takes place at their dwelling. 
  • Any off campus dwelling deemed as a nuisance (defined as two or more complaints by the police or neighbors) will result in the student being required to move from the dwelling or they cannot remain a student at the College.  All costs incurred by the student due to the move or failure thereof (and being dismissed from the College) are the responsibility of the student.

Residential Neighborhoods and Noise:  Many of the areas where students live are either adjacent to or are primary residential neighborhoods for families.  This is especially true for the properties on North Main Street, Madison Street and North Street.  Student residents are a part of their neighborhood and must respect their neighbor’s right to privacy and quiet.  Loud music or other noise will result in a police response to their apartment or house.  The City of Wilkes-Barre does have a noise ordinance which is enforced. 

Overcrowding Ordinance:  In the City of Wilkes-Barre, no more than four unrelated persons may share one dwelling-apartment or house.  If the city cites your landlord for violating the ordinance, the landlord will be required to evict those tenants exceeding the maximum number per household.

Parking:  In many city neighborhood areas, there is permit parking for property owners.  Often renters are not eligible to obtain permits for on street parking.  Students who violate the permit parking law or meters should expect to be ticketed and towed.  Students are not permitted to park on the street on North Franklin Street from Union Street to Jackson Street, in front of the row/townhouses or on the traffic circle.  The spaces in front of the row/townhouses are for the residents of these homes only.

Garbage:  Apartments and houses that have city garbage service, which is all apartments except larger apartment units where the landlord may provide a dumpster, are required to use the blue city garbage bags that you must purchase at local stores.  Other garbage bags will not be accepted and violators will be fined by the city.

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