Vision Statement
The complete education of its students, in helping and supportive community, is the goal of the Division of Student Affairs at King's College. It strives to achieve this noble end by providing the students with a co-curriculum of truly outstanding quality. Indeed, it aspires to become the premier or foremost provider in Northeastern Pennsylvania of such a co-curriculum.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Division of Student Affairs at King's College is to work collaboratively with all members of the King's family to fashion a collegiate community inspired by the ideals and principles of the Judeo-Christian-Catholic tradition:

  • A supportive, loving community which brings together all persons of good will a community which welcomes and respects those of other religious traditions
  • A community which welcomes and honors those of all races, cultures, ethnic backgrounds, ability and gender.

By means of its student-centered co-curriculum Student Affairs strives, furthermore, to foster the complete education of our students, that is, their intellectual learning and their personal development. . .a learning and development guided by the truths of the Judeo-Christian-Catholic heritage as well as the Holy Cross tradition of education, a tradition which promotes the formation not only of the mind, but also of the heart. By actively participating in the experiences provided by our co-curriculum, students grow culturally, socially, physically and spiritually; they acquire and apply knowledge; they develop in the areas of ethical decision making, appreciation of the arts, community living, leadership initiatives, service learning, career planning; they learn to respect and actively support racial, cultural, ethnic, gender and ability diversity. As a result of their involvement in the co-curriculum, our students, in a word, develop as complete persons.

Acting as educators is central to our mission in Student Affairs. We participate in the formal curricular educational process, which is central to the mission of the college, and by means of our co-curriculum we complement the formal education which takes place in the classroom and laboratory. We teach by example, by living healthy, integrated lives and acting on our values in all we do. We cooperate with and learn from our students, from each other and all our colleagues within the King's community.

We, in the Division of Student Affairs, aspire to play a vital role in the formation of our King's students, who by their lives and careers will carry into our world the noble values of learning, faith and service.

Dr. Anitra McShea
Vice President for Student Affairs
Phone: 570.208.5875