All students at King's College are assigned an Academic Advisor. Academic Advisors assist students with selecting courses, which meet the requirements of the core curriculum and the major program with regard to sequencing and timing.  Students are expected to meet with their advisors at least twice a semester to ensure they are progressing smoothly and to address any questions or concerns that may arise.

Academic Advisors:

  • Discuss academic programs consistent with each student's abilities and interests
  • Provide accurate and timely information regarding academic options and available resources
  • Explore various career paths and educational goals by encouraging advisees to select appropriate courses within the core curriculum
  • Monitor the student's progress toward achieving academic and career goals, as well as, a meaningful college experience
  • Address Academic Alerts submitted by faculty regarding excessive absences and academic difficulties throughout the semester
  • Offer valuable information regarding the addition of complementary second major(s) and/or a minor(s)
  • Help students select electives with care and purpose to enhance their resumes and enrich their lives
  • Assist undecided students in selecting a major by thoroughly examining various programs and by suggesting further exploration with a career counselor in the Office of Career Planning and Placement

Students work closely with an Academic Advisor throughout their time at King's. At the end of their first year, students who have designated a major are assigned an Academic Advisor from their major department; students who have not selected a major remain with an advisor from the Academic Advisement Office until a major is chosen.

FAQs – Academic Advisors

  • What is an Academic Advisor?

    Academic Advisors teach students how to navigate college processes, make informed course selections, adapt or embrace skills necessary to achieve academic endeavors, seek out opportunities for personal growth and career discovery and make effective decisions about their future.

  • Who is my Academic Advisor?

    Students will find their academic advisor listed in Webadvisor. The registrar or academic advisement can look up your advisor and their contact information.

  • How do I contact my Academic Advisor?

    In Webadvisor, in the main menu, select "Email my advisor". All faculty have office hours, students can drop by the Academic Advisement office to obtain faculty office information.