Spring 2020 Learning Strategy Workshops

Wednesdays 1:10pm-1:50pm
Thursdays 3:30pm- 4:10pm
Mulligan 210
Each topic will be repeated three different days

Starting the Semester Off RIGHT!
Managing time and tasks, planning, organizing

Wednesday, Jan. 22
Thursday, Jan. 23
Wednesday, Feb 5

Spice Up Your Study Skills!
Try a few new strategies to improve grades

Wednesday, Jan. 29
Thursday, Jan. 30
Thursday, Feb 6

Emotional Intelligence:
Improving Mindfulness and Self-Awareness

Wednesday, Feb. 12
Thursday, Feb. 13
Thursday, Feb. 27

Ready, Set, GOAL!!!
Writing down SMART goals helps make them happen

Wednesday, Feb. 19
Thursday, Feb. 20
Wednesday, Feb. 26

Test Anxiety:
Tips and Tricks to overcome stress

Wednesday, March 11
Thursday, March 12
Wednesday, March 25

Summer Classes!
What You Should Consider….

Wednesday, March 18
Thursday. March 19
Thursday, March 26