FASP is affiliated with the college's Academic Skills Center, which coordinates a diverse network of academic services including a Tutoring Program, a Writing Center, Learning Strategies Workshop Program, a summer College Entry Program, and advocacy for special needs for students.

Skills Development And Self-Advocacy

Supportive, yet empowering, the First Year Academic Studies Program is specially designed to assist students with learning disabilities matriculating at King's College. The three step program focuses on developing course-related learning strategies, self-advocacy skills, and self-confidence for first year students.

The First Year Academic Studies Program is affiliated with the College's Academic Skills Center which coordinates a diverse network of academic services including a peer tutoring program, the Writing Center, learning skills workshops, a summer College Entry Program, and advocacy for special needs for students.

The program recognizes that the first year of college is a year of transition for students with learning disabilities. The need for independence and self-confidence must be balanced with the development of successful strategies for learning and self-advocacy. To facilitate this transition, the First Year Academic Studies Program enrolls students in regular core classes at the College, but supports each class with a structured, supplementary program of course-specific learning strategies.

Transition Is A Process

Accepted students learn that transitioning into a collegiate lifestyle is a three step process. Success in this environment includes skill development, mentoring, in addition to advocacy, and finally gaining independence.

Support during the first year can be more intense, with structured one to one assistance. Students will meet individually and in small groups with a learning specialist who will design a program of strategies to meet their specific needs. The learning specialist and other Academic Skills staff will act as advocates for the student in the first year, and mentor students as they develop self-advocacy skills.

Toward the end of the first year, support becomes less intense as students learn to achieve a level of independence for their specific needs As students matriculate into the first year, staff will continue services and accommodations as needed. In addition, a career counselor is available to guide the students in their choice of major and to assist them in developing effective interviewing and job search skills.

Program Features

  • special orientation program
  • specialized training on transition to college
  • college survival skills (facilitated by a learning specialist)
  • time management
  • organizational strategies
  • memory strategies
  • note-taking strategies
  • test-taking strategies
  • personal development skills (facilitated by Academic Skills Center staff)
  • self-esteem
  • stress and anxiety
  • self-advocacy

Levels Of Support

Tier 1
This level offers the most comprehensive program for students who need intensive academic support. Students will meet three times per week with a learning specialist to foster development of meta-cognitive skills, independence, and to strengthen self-confidence and self-sufficiency. A fee is charged. (first-year students only)

Tier 2
This level offers less involved and less direct support services. Students meet with a learning specialist up to 20 sessions per semester to review overall progress, note improvements and needs, and discuss available resources. This tier is designed for students who are ready to take control of their educational goals and manage daily tasks, but who may need periodic support and encouragement. A fee is charged. (sophmores and transfer students)


Students applying for the First Year Academic Studies Program must complete the following process:

  1. Applicants must complete an application for admission to King's and a supplemental application for the First Year Academic Studies Program.
  2. Applicants must submit a current  psycho-educational evaluation including a Wais-R and three letters of recommendation.
  3. Applicants must interview with the Learning Disabilities Coordinator or the Disability Services Coordinator

Application deadline is June 1.

Application Forms

FASP Application - Download pdf

FASP Application - Apply On-Line

You can fax applications to 570-825-9049 or mail the application to:

Sheri Yech
King's College
Academic Skills Center
133 North River Street
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711

Open House Programs

We invite you to bring your family along to our annual Open House. Meet our faculty, athletic department representatives, and admission counselors, and talk first-hand with student tour guides. Individual consultations and group presentations make for a full day at King's.

For more information on how a student with a disability can make the most of his or her college years, contact:

Sheri Yech
Disability Services Coordinator
Academic Skills Center
Phone: 570.208.5800
E-mail: sheriyech@kings.edu