The First-year Academic Studies Program (FASP) is part of the Academic Skills Center, which coordinates a diverse network of academic support services for all students.

The first year of college is a year of transition, and the need for independence and self-confidence must be balanced with the development of successful strategies for learning and self-advocacy. Supportive, yet empowering, FASP is specially designed to assist first- and second-year students with learning disabilities, ADHD, or spectrum diagnosis.

Through the program, students will be enrolled in regular classes but supported in each with structured academic coaching and weekly one-on-one sessions. During the first year, students will have more structured one-on-one assistance, meeting individually with a learning specialist who will introduce and review strategies that meet their specific needs. The learning specialist and ASC staff will act as advocates for the student and mentor them as they develop self-advocacy skills.

Towards the end of the first year, support becomes less intense as students learn to achieve a level of independence for their specific needs. Students can continue to participate in FASP during the second year with less intensive once-per-week sessions. As students matriculate into the third and fourth years, the ASC staff holds an open-door policy for students to use accommodations as needed.

Program Features and Levels of Support

  • Guidance on transition to college
  • Support in using college accommodations
  • College survival skills and use of college resources
  • Time management and organizational strategies
  • Memory, note taking, and test-taking strategies
  • Personal development skills
  • Self-esteem and self-advocacy
  • Stress and anxiety

Tier 1 (First-Year Students only)

This level offers the most comprehensive program for students who need intensive academic support. Students will meet three times per week with a learning specialist to foster development of meta-cognitive skills, independence, and to strengthen self-confidence and self-sufficiency. A fee is charged. $1581 per semester  Fall 23- SP 24.

Tier 2 (Second-Year and Transfer Students)

This level offers less involved and less direct support services. Students meet with a learning specialist up to 20 sessions per semester to review overall progress, note improvements and needs, and discuss available resources. This tier is designed for students who are ready to take control of their educational goals and manage daily tasks but who may need periodic support and encouragement. A fee is charged. $588 per smester Fall 23- SP24.

Applying to the Program

Students applying for the First-year Academic Studies Program must complete the following process by July 1. The application and documentation can be mailed, emailed, or faxed to the addresses and numbers below.

  1. Complete the First-year Academic Studies Program Application- (currently under revision- please email Dawn Shedarski for a copy, email  link below)
  2. Submit a current psycho-educational evaluation or re-evaluation, including a Wais-R (or other documentation that meet criteria) and one Teacher/Parent Input Survey.
  3. Interview with the Learning Disabilities/ FASP Coordinator or the Director of ASC/Disability Services Coordinator

Dawn Shedlarski, FASP Coordinator

133 N. River St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711 
(570) 208-8087
(570) 825-9049 (fax)