Academic Alert(s)

The purpose of the Academic Alert process is to promote student success by means of an integrative, efficient, and effective system of communication regarding student performance and recommended resources.

Faculty can submit an Academic Alert on student for several reasons, including excessive absence, poor performance, disruptive behavior, learning difficulty, or concerns about stress or food/housing insecurity.

When an alert is received, (1) the student will receive email notification stating that the student is required to meet with their academic advisor(s); (2) the following offices and personnel will receive the content on the Academic Alert form: the student’s academic advisor(s), the Office of Academic Advisement, the Office of Student Affairs, and the Office of the AVP for Academic Success; and (3) upon receipt of the Academic Alert, the Academic Advisor will contact the student to set up an appointment.

Submit Academic Alert (Faculty)

Academic Probation

A student is expected to earn a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 (required for graduation) at the end of the first semester/session (fall, spring, summer, or winter) and for each semester/session thereafter. Any student whose G.P.A. falls below the minimum 2.00 (semester/session or cumulative) will be placed on academic probation.

Academic probation serves as a warning to the student that their academic performance is not of the quality necessary to ensure graduation. When a student is placed on academic probation, the student’s record is reviewed by the Academic Standing Committee at the end of each semester/session (fall, spring, summer, or winter) the student is enrolled at the College. To assist a student in achieving academic progress, the Committee may limit a student’s course load and suggest they schedule regular meetings with their academic advisor. In addition, the Committee may require the student to avail themselves of the various services of the College (Academic Advisement, Academic Skills, Counseling, or Career Counseling).

The Academic Standing Committee monitors the progress of students on academic probation with the expectation of academic progress over a reasonable time. A student who continues to remain on academic probation may be subject to suspension or dismissal.

Suspension and Dismissal

Students notified of their suspension or dismissal from the College may request a review of the Academic Standing Committee’s decision and must appear before the full Committee on the date and time specified in the letter of suspension or dismissal. The decision of the Committee at the review session is considered final.

A student who has been suspended may apply for re-admission to the College at the end of the suspended period, at which time they will be issued an Academic Contract signed by the student and a member of the Office of Academic Advisement. Failure to fulfill the terms of the Academic Contract will result in the student’s dismissal from the College without the opportunity of a review by the Academic Standing Committee.

At the beginning of any academic year, a student in good academic standing is eligible to participate in extracurricular activities for that year. Ordinarily, a change in academic status during the year will not affect that eligibility. However, athletes are subject to the requirements set down by NAAC regulations.