The Academic Skills Center will continue services online during this COVID-19 event.


Tutoring will be Virtual/Online using various video chat platforms. Tutors may choose from Microsoft Teams, Zoom, GoBoard, or other apps. Social media is not permitted- no FB meetings.

*2 hours per week per subject limit. A student may meet with Mr. Charney to discuss a need for additional time or alternative methods for support.

* Students will SIGN UP for tutoring in High-Demand courses by 4pm the day prior to the session. A drop down menu of various days/times to select from will appear on the form.  The tutor will email a link to a the session immediately prior to start time. Signing up helps us staff the session with one or more tutors. Most sessions are 1-3 students. 

High Demand courses include Biol/Chem/MSB/Econ/Math and other sciences. See below.

                        TUTORING SCHEDULE FOR SPRING 2021

Sunday-Thursday 5pm-8pm (must sign up in advance...please click on the subject link)

Biology Tutoring Sign-up          Chemistry Tutoring Sign-up       MSB/Econ Tutoring Sign-up          Statistics (Math 126) Tutoring Sign-Up

* Students will sign up for Low-Demand courses (courses not offered during our high-demand sign up sessions) through an electronic form/link. A tutor will be assigned and email sent within three days in most cases. The student will be responsible to set up the tutor session with the tutor once given the tutor's email and cell. The time will be determined between the tutor and tutee(s). Most sessions are 1-3 students. See below.

Do You Need An Academic Boost?

The King's College Tutoring Program creates an environment for success, providing student-to-student assistance through scheduled afternoon and evening tutoring. Students build independence and effective learning habits through active-learning, increased confidence and improved study habits.  Tutoring provides course-content assistance to students, free of charge, in most disciplines.

Tutors are selected through an interview process and the recommendation from their instructors or the tutorial coordinator. Qualified tutors must receive at least a grade of B+ or above in the courses being tutored or demonstrate equivalent experience. Tutors gain professional development through training and actual work experience. The King's College Tutoring Program is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). Tutors, who meet specific requirements, may receive recognition as a certified tutor through CRLA. King's College has been certified at Levels I and II.

Spring Semester Afternoon and Evening Tutoring

This is option is designed for specific high demand courses. Students may get answers to specific questions or receive help with specific assignments from a peer-tutor.  Students must sign up at least one day in advance, by 4pm the day prior.  The tutor will send the student an invitation to a session in either Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoBoard, Facetime, or other platform before the start time. Watch for an email subject containing TUTORING.


  • Please utilize the course instructor as your primary resource before scheduling a tutoring session. 
  • Please attempt your assignment prior to attending tutoring.
  • Please come to the session with questions prepared; remember to bring your class notes, textbook, and other materials.
  • Your tutor is there to guide you, not to complete your assignments. 
  • You may stay as long as you need or until the session is over.
  • If you are not signed up, you will not be admitted to the online tutoring session.


Receive asssistance in the following courses: MATH100, MATH 101, MATH102, MATH110, MATH 120, MATH 123, MATH 125 and MATH 126. Our Math Specialist, Ms. Amy Swiatek, provides academic support to students attending these classes.

VIRTUAL MATH TUTORING Schedule for SPRING 2021:  Tuesdays from 2:00pm-4:00pm and Wednesdays from 5:00pm-7:00pm

To Sign up for Math Tutoring, use the following link: 


Located in Mulligan Building (Across from the Post Office), The Writing Lab provides services to students seeking to improve their writing in any course. The Writing Center will be operating virtually during the Fall Semester. 

Students can access the center at the following link:  You will be asked to:

1) Fill out a cover sheet, and

2) Upload your paper and a copy of your assignment (if applicable).

 Your paper will then be assigned to a tutor for review. 

Become a Tutor

Tutoring is one of the most enjoyable jobs on campus. The satisfaction at having made a difference is someone's academic life is enormous. Tutoring is also a good paying job and hours are extremely flexible.

 Am I eligible to be a tutor?

The best tutors are King's students who have already taken the course and received a grade of at least "B+" or better in the course in which they wish to tutor, and recommendations from a faculty member. A good tutor must be able to teach another student how to study the course material and to review specific course content.

Key Attributes of a King's College Tutor:

Knowledge: You are required to have strong working knowledge of specific course content and must have a cumulative GPA of  at least 3.0.

Interpersonal Skills: You must demonstrate effective skills in working collaboratively with peers and teaching with compassion. You must be good problem solvers.

Organizational Abilities: You must demonstrate abilities in managing tasks, maintaining schedules, managing time, and completing your own work assignments thoroughly.

If you believe you have these skills and would like to become a tutor:

  • Contact the Academic Skills Center, Mulligan 94, for an appointment to see the Tutorial Coordinator.
  • Complete one Tutor Orientation training session, and Sexual Harassment training, as a prerequisite before tutoring begins. New tutor orientation training sessions are announced each semester.
  • Contingent upon the requests and availability of tutors in specific subjects, you can start working immediately after training.
  • You will meet with your tutee in the Tutorial Coordinator's office to arrange a mutually agreeable time and place to conduct tutoring sessions.                     

Please make an appointment at the Academic Skills Center for details. 


Make an appointment:

Telephone: (570) 208-5823

                                         REFUSE TO SINK!!