Course Withdrawals

It is presumed that a student will complete all registered courses. If necessary, a student may withdraw from a course by submitting a completed Course Withdrawal form by the date specified in the academic calendar.

Course withdrawal for full-time students is initiated with the Director of Academic Advisement; course withdrawal for part-time students is initiated with the student’s academic advisor.

A “W” grade is given for an approved withdrawal. If a student unofficially withdraws from a course (i.e., stops attending class without completing the procedure), a grade of “F” is recorded.

No refund will be credited to the student’s account for the withdrawn course, nor will the student’s status be changed from full-time to part-time, even if their course load drops below 12 credit hours.

Course Withdrawal Form

Late Course Withdrawal

Late withdrawal from a course after the date specified on the academic calendar will be considered only for extraordinary circumstances (e.g., medical issues or family emergencies). Poor performance, lack of time, or possible failure are not considered sufficient reasons to warrant a late course withdrawal. Requests for late course withdrawal must be submitted in writing and approved by the Associate Vice President for Academic Success.

Changing or Adding a Major

Prior to changing your major, students should always consult with their academic advisor, the Department Chair of their new major, and/or a member of the Office of Academic Advisement. Certain majors may have special requirements to be accepted into the program.

To officially change a major, students must complete the Online Change of Major Form, which includes the option to declare a second major (dual major), a third major, and/or a minor—all these options should be discussed with their academic advisor in prior to submitting the form.

Please note that when you change or add another major you may be assigned a new advisor. This information will be emailed to your King’s email once the change of major is completed.

Change of Major/Advisor Form