The King’s College Special Education PK-12 Certification Program is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. This new certification replaces the special education PK-8 and 7-12 certifications effective January 1, 2022. An important component of the King’s PK-12 program is that almost all classes include field experience, providing the advantage of applying study of special education theory to actual practice in PK-12 classrooms.

Personalized Advising

From day one, all King’s special education students are assigned an advisor knowledgeable about the requirements for certification in special education to help navigate every step of the process.

Double Major Options

In addition to majoring in special education, students can complete a double major with PK-4 in four years, or they can complete an M.Ed./B.A. program in five years, leading to certification in PK-4, Special Education PK-12 or Reading Specialist PK-12. With additional class time or summer courses, the Special Education PK-12 certification also can be combined with other certification areas, including Grades 4-8 or Grades 7-12.

Candidates for the Special Education PK-12 Certification Program must fulfill the PDE's Basic Skills Requirement.