Students, Use this think to request work study eligibility. Financial Aid will review your eligibility: Student Position Request Form

Supervisors, Use this link to request a work study position: Student Worker Request Form


Federal Work Study:

To apply for work study jobs at King's College you must present an original document verifying your Social Security Number; such as your Social Security Card, Birth Certificate or United States Passport and state issued ID. You and your supervisor must complete the entire work study packet and the appropriate work study application.

You are eligible for Federal Work Study jobs if your current financial aid award letter or award notice (on WebAdvisor) includes a Federal Work Study offer. If you are eligible for Federal Work Study, you may search for job opportunities.


Institutional Work Study:

If you are not eligible for Federal Work Study, your supervisor will need to approve your eligibility for an Institutional Work Study position. You will need to obtain an Institutional Work Study application from the Office of Financial Aid. This form cannot be found on the website. Along with the institutional work study application, your supervisor will need to complete the work study packet with you. Once both items are completed, they are to be submitted to Human Resources.

Please follow these steps:

  • Review the open positions for which you may qualify by clicking on the job listings link.
  • Print the Work Study Application and  Work Study Packet. Please complete the student information sections. (Below is the Work Study Application and Work Study Packet). 
  • Contact the hiring supervisor to set up an interview.
  • After you are successfully hired for the position, bring the supervisor-approved application to Human Resources with your completed work study packet. Your supervisor must complete this packet with you.
  • The hiring process is not complete until the supervisor assigns you the job and the Financial Aid Office and Human Resrouces verifies that you have completed all the necessary documents that authorize you to work in the United States.

Please submit all documents to


Please Note - The DSP form (used to apply a percentage of paycheck to student account) must be returned to the Payroll Office.