About the Catholic Identity and Mission Committee

The Catholic Identity and Mission Committee assists the President, the chief mission officer, in attending to issues related to the Catholic identity and mission of King’s College. The Committee is advisory to the President; its membership consists of ex officio, appointed, and elected members.


  1. The committee advises the Director of Campus Ministry on matters related to the spiritual programming needs of the entire college community;
  2. The committee reviews the implementation of the college’s strategic plan on matters related to Catholic identity and mission and reports its finding to the president;
  3. The committee reviews the college’s implementation of matters related to Ex Corde Ecclessiae and the norms for its application and reports its findings to the president;
  4. The committee works to raise consciousness of the Holy Cross tradition of education on campus and to foster connections among Holy Cross institutions on the national and international level;
  5. The committee sponsors campus-wide conversations on matters related to Catholic higher education.

Strategic Plan Goals

Goal 1: Offer excellent academic and professional programs built upon a strong liberal arts core and the Catholic intellectual tradition.

Objective 1: Promote our Core Curriculum as the centerpiece of a liberal arts education in the Catholic Intellectual and Social Justice traditions, which cultivates intellectual curiosity, and complements personal and professional success.

Goal 5: Enhance understanding of the charism and educational philosophy of the Congregation of Holy Cross and use these mission-based principles to shape and form the College.

Objective 1: Implement and assess program specific applications of the Holy Cross charism and philosophy of education.

Objective 2: Create and market a more robust and compelling mission statement.

Objective 3: Concretely apply the principles of the Holy Cross educational philosophy and the founding mission of King's to the recruitment, development, and retention of the student body, faculty, administration and staff.

Objective 4: Position the College to be a leader in the networking of Holy Cross institutions nationally and globally.