The Holy Cross Community was founded at Sainte Croix ("Holy Cross"), France, in 1837 by Fr. Basil Anthony Moreau. He envisioned a religious community of priests, brothers, and sisters who would assist the diocesan clergy, teach at all levels of education, and respond to other pressing needs in the church.

In 1841, the first group of Holy Cross priests and brothers came to America. Late in November of 1842, Fr. Sorin and the brothers arrived at what is now South Bend, Ind., and began building. Since that time, three Holy Cross Congregations of priests, brothers, and sisters have founded nine colleges and universities in the United States.


University of Notre Dame 1842: Notre Dame, Ind.
St. Mary 's College 1844: Notre Dame, Ind.
St. Edward's University 1885: Austin, Texas
University of Portland 1901: Portland, Ore.
Our Lady of Holy Cross 1916: New Orleans, La.
King's College 1946: Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
Stonehill College 1948: North Easton, Mass.
Notre Dame College 1950: Manchester , N.H. (closed)
Holy Cross College 1966: Notre Dame, Ind.

The Holy Cross Community has ministered for more than 160 years in the United States in parishes, educational institutions and as chaplains in hospitals, the military service, and elsewhere. The community seeks to form people whose Christian values guide their lives and who will contribute to the development of a more just society.