Jim Ambury, Faculty, Department of Philosophy

*Joan Blewitt, Co-chair, Faculty, McGowan School of Business

*William Bolan, Shoval Center for Community Engagement and Learning

George Casey, Student Representative

*Daniel Cebrick, Registrar

*Tara Lambert, Tutorial Coordinator, Academic Skills Center

*Brother Stephen LaMendola, C.S.C., Faculty, Department of Education

^Reverend Thomas Looney, C.S.C., Chair, College Chaplain

*Kelly Mulhern, Learning Disabilities Coordinator

Megan Mundy, Staff,

Michelle Olivia, Staff

^Bernard Prusak, McGowan Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility

*Corry Unis, Enrollment Management

Ryanne Ziobro, Faculty, Sports Medicine

*Appointed by the President                     ^Ex officio