King’s College is very proud to offer the 3+2 Engineering Dual Degree Program in collaboration with the University of Notre Dame. Students will spend three years at King’s College taking mathematics, science, pre-engineering and liberal arts courses, and then transfer to Notre Dame for two years to complete engineering courses in their chosen field. Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive both a B.S. from King’s College (in Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Science or Computer Science) and a B.S. in Engineering from Notre Dame (in Aerospace, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Environmental or Mechanical Engineering).

Students must earn at least 60 credits from Notre Dame to receive the Notre Dame degree, and must earn at least 60 credits from King’s to receive the King’s degree.  Since some of the courses taken at Notre Dame will fulfill King’s degree requirements, students will be conferred their degree from King’s upon successful completion of the program at Notre Dame.

King's students in the 3+2 program will transfer to The University of Notre Dame in one of seven engineering tracks – Aerospace, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Environmental or Mechanical Engineering – and will receive a B.S. from King's in the disciplines specified below:

B.S. Physics from King's:

  • Aerospace Engineering track
  • Mechanical Engineering track
  • Civil Engineering track
  • Electrical Engineering track

B.S. Chemistry from King's:

  • Chemical Engineering track

B.S. Computer Science from King's:

  • Computer Engineering Track

B.S. Environmental Science from King's:

  • Environmental Engineering track

Success in every career hinges on a person’s ability to think critically, be an effective communicator, have quantitative and technical competencies, and be able to make ethical and moral decisions.  The 3+2 Engineering program at King’s takes an interdisciplinary approach to exposing students to the transferable skills of liberal learning valued in a King’s College education.  The knowledge, skills and dispositions students acquire by virtue of the CORE liberal arts curriculum at King’s will enhance their ability to be successful contributors within their chosen engineering field.Notre Dame and King’s College share the same Congregation of the Holy Cross sponsorship and supporting values. All of Notre Dame’s engineering programs are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).  Notre Dame has a strong history with 3+2 engineering programs and has affiliations with sixteen schools, many of which have a similar size and background as King’s College.

During the three years at King’s, students take a variety of liberal arts courses that develop skills in written and oral communication, moral reasoning and critical thinking.  Employers value the liberal arts/engineering combination since students possess not only technical skills, but also the ability to write proposals and make presentations, and have a broader understanding of engineering systems and the role of technology in our changing society.