The Horizons of Business Education: Conference on Non-Profit Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship

King’s College (PA), March 28-29, 2019

What are the horizons against which a Catholic business school ought to teach its students? In other words, what sorts of jobs and careers—and what sorts of contributions to the world—ought a Catholic business school prepare and point its students toward? One tried-and-true possibility is for-profit corporate America, but there are paths less taken as well.

The purpose of our March 2019 conference on “The Horizons of Business Education” was threefold: first, to come to a greater understanding both of non-profits and of social entrepreneurship; second, to learn about initiatives to prepare business students for the possibility of jobs and careers in non-profit organizations and as social entrepreneurs; and third, to learn about non-profits and social entrepreneurs currently making a difference in northeastern Pennsylvania and beyond.

Speakers for Thursday, March 28 included Bill Corcoran, formerly President and CEO of the nonprofit ANERA (American Near East Refugee Aid) in Washington, D.C.; Birton Cowden, Director of Research for the Shore Entrepreneurship Center at Kennesaw State University; M.D. Kinoti, Associate Professor of Non-Profit Management at Regis University; Kim Lamberty, President of the non-profit coffee cooperative Just Haiti and formerly Director of University Programs at Catholic Relief Services in Baltimore, Maryland; Kelsey Otero, Associate Director of the Social Innovation Initiative at Marquette University; and  Nicholas Santos, S.J., Assistant Professor of Marketing at Marquette University.

Panels on Friday, March 29 featured King's alumni and alumnae working in non-profits; leaders of regional non-profits; leaders of regional non-profits concerned in particular with health care; and several social entrepreneurs. See the program for all names and affiliations.