The McGowan Center has organized and hosted two conferences to date: "The Idea of a Catholic College" in fall 2014 and "The Horizons of Business Education" in spring 2019. Click on each conference for further information. A third conference, "Health, Hope, and Despair," is in the works for September 2022. The conference’s organizers plan four keynote presentations for the conference’s first day: “On the Virtue of Hope and the Vice of Despair”; “The Other Epidemic during the Pandemic: Deaths of Despair from 2000 through the Present”; “The Climate Crisis, Public Health, and Political and Personal Repercussions”; and “The Body Politic and Personal and Public Health.” The plan for the second day is to hold two panel discussions: the first focused on accounts by healthcare providers of their experience of the pandemic; the second focused on practices of hope that healthcare providers might adopt, both for their own benefit and that of their patients.