The minor in Ethics provides King's students increased opportunities to examine moral questions arising in public and professional life. All students are welcome to pursue this minor, but those who intend careers in business, government, journalism, law, and medicine should be especially interested. Courses in the minor are designed to give students a solid background in the literature of moral philosophy and moral theology as well as opportunities to study contemporary moral questions.

Note: The Philosophy Department commonly cross-lists 100-level and 300-level courses. To satisfy the requirements of the Ethics Minor, a student must take at least one 300-level Philosophy course, either PHIL 383 or one of the other 300-level courses in the Elective Courses list. Finally, the courses in the Ethics Minor may be taken in any order, though the capstone course should generally be taken near the end of a student's academic career at King's.

MINOR REQUIREMENTS (6 courses - 18 credits)

FOUNDATIONAL COURSES (2 courses - 6 credits)

PHIL 173/383 Ethics and the Good Life (3) and
THEO 160 Christian Ethics (3)/ HNRS 260 The Christian Moral Tradition (3)

ELECTIVE COURSES (3 courses - 9 credits)

Any three of the following:

MSB 287 Business Ethics (3)
PHIL 172/390 Environmental Ethics (3)
PHIL 174/391 Bioethics (3)
PHIL 175/392 Social and Political Philosophy (3)
PHIL 176/376 Eastern Philosophy (3)
​PHIL 177 Death and the Meaning of Life (3)
PHIL 181/381 Feminist Philosophy
THEO 163 Christian Marriage (3)
THEO 164 Christian Social Ethics (3)
THEO 165 Environmental Ethics
THEO 169 Topics in Moral Theology (3)

CAPSTONE COURSE (1 course - 3 credits)

PHIL 470 Seminar in Moral Philosophy or
THEO 470/471/472 Seminar in Moral Theology