All full-time students residing in college student housing including the residence halls, college apartments, and locations contracted by the College as well as all students participating in intercollegiate athletics and international students must demonstrate and maintain acceptable health insurance in accordance with college policy. For all other students, health insurance is strongly recommended.

Health insurance coverage is mandatory for full-time

  • Resident students
  • Athletes
  • International students

Health insurance coverage is strongly recommended but not mandatory for full-time

  • Commuter students
  • Off-campus students

Proof of Health Insurance
If you have health insurance:

  • Submit a clear copy of the front and back of your health insurance card to the student health center via the student health portal.

For athletes and domestic students, if you do not have health insurance:

King's College refers students to various insurance agents for health insurance options/purchases that are individually structured for students who have no other form of health insurance or need additional local or sport insurance coverage.  Please be sure to fully disclose your needs to the agent when investigating purchase options.


Dave Turley; 1st Agency; Phone 1-269-381-6630


Sandy Baltimore; Eastern Insurance Group; Phone: 570-819-2000.


Health Care Coverage Checklist for Students

  • Contact your health insurance provider customer service department and determine coverage regulations.  The phone number is usually printed on the back of the insurance card.
  • If you are from out of the area, notify your health insurance carrier that you are attending King's College in Wilkes-Barre, PA
  • Provide the health insurance carrier with the dates of college attendance (August to May).
  • Determine if your insurance carrier requires Pre-Certification / Prior Authorization and/or an out-of-network referral in order for you to receive treatment outside the coverage area.
  • Students and their parents are strongly encouraged to contact their personal primary insurance provider before all physician appointments and/or diagnostic testing (x-ray, MRI).
  • Students are responsible for obtaining Pre-Certification / Prior Authorization if it is required for doctor consults, lab tests, diagnostic tests, surgery, rehabilitation, and/or other services/procedures.
  • The King’s College student health center and the Athletic Training Department staff does not bill health insurance or prescription plans and are NOT responsible for obtaining pre-authorization.
  • Students should be aware of which local pharmacies accept their prescription plans.
  • Students should carry a copy of their medical insurance card.
  • The student health center must be notified about changes in a student’s health insurance coverage.

Student Accident Insurance Plan
King’s College provides accident insurance for all students. This insurance coverage is an EXCESS policy. A claim will be filed for an accident occuring on campus, however, a student's health insurance is always PRIMARY.   

Claim Form Instructions
In the event of injury, the student should report to the student health center as soon as possible to complete the accident claim form.

In some instances, the student health center may feel it necessary to refer a patient to an outside medical provider.  Charges for outside services are the responsibility of the student.    It is the student’s responsibility to know the limitations and requirements of his/her insurance plan prior to receiving treatment outside the student health center.  In many cases, your insurance plan may require pre-authorization and/or out-of-network referral in order for the service to be covered.  If you are unsure of your coverage please contact the customer service department of your insurance plan.  The phone number is usually listed on the back of the insurance card.

Pre-Certification / Prior Authorization
This is the process by which services and procedures must first be approved by the student’s insurance provider before he/she can receive reimbursable care. Precertification / prior authorization can include, but is not limited to; doctor visits, inpatient hospital services, rehabilitation, diagnostic tests, and surgery.

Health Insurance Checklist

Before going for medical tests or procedures, please refer to this checklist to insure that you receive the correct reimbursement from your health insurance provider.
Do You Have?

  • Health insurance
  • Health insurance card or a copy of the card
  • Prescription plan
  • Dental coverage
  • Vision coverage
  • Co-pay
  • List of pharmacies that take your health insurance

Do You Need?

  • Pre-authorization/Pre-certification
  • Referral from primary care clinician
  • Out of network referral