Each year, many alumni, parents, and friends support current students by giving back to King’s College. These gifts provide immediate impact and provide the means for students to learn not only how to make a living, but also how to make a life.

KC Fund

Contributing to the KC Fund creates immediate impact. It allows King’s to direct resources focused on our students– their needs, their growth, and their futures.  Gifts to the KC Fund provide College leadership with the flexibility needed to allocate resources in areas of crucial impact and ensuring progress, all with a disciplined focus on improving the student experience. 

Presidential Hope Fund

Support of the Presidential Hope Fund provides a critical retention tool that serves the most financially at-risk students at King’s.  Taking care of our young Monarchs in ways that allow them to continue to the next semester and complete their undergraduate degrees is of primary importance.  Depending on a student’s unique circumstances, resources to this fund help to cover the cost of tuition, room, board, and/or books.

Monarch Athletics Fund

Gifts to this fund provide additional budgetary support to sports teams at King’s College. In recent years, several sports were added to the offerings, to total 27 unique athletic opportunities for students. Student athletes receive an outstanding education and strengthen their moral compasses rooted in Holy Cross tradition. Support to this area helps to fund travel opportunities, facility and equipment upgrades, and wellness initiatives, all of which ensure the overall growth of student athletes.   

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