King’s College offers many ways to make a gift, many of which are explained here. Take a minute to review these options and feel free to contact us if you have questions. We thank you for thinking of us and appreciate your support of King’s College.


Cash or Credit Card Gifts

An outright gift, in the form of a check or a credit card, is a common method for making a donation to King’s College. It provides King’s with immediate financial support, and may offer you income tax advantages as well. If you would like to designate your gift for a specific area, please contact the Vice President for Institutional Advancement for more information. Otherwise your gift will be placed in an unrestricted account where it will be allocated to our most important needs, such as, scholarship aid, technological advancements or academic programming.


You can make a gift on our secure online site now using your MasterCard, VISA, American Express or Discover card. Please indicate the type of card you are using, your home zip code, the credit card number and card expiration date. If you are making a memorial gift or a gift of recognition, please follow the directions so your donation can be acknowledged.

You can also use your credit card offline or have us bill you. To do either, simply call us at 570-208-5880. If you’d prefer to write a check, make it payable to King's College and mail it to: King’s College, Office of Institutional Advancement, 133 N. River St. Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711.

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Gifts of Securities
If a donor has owned securities for more than one year, which have appreciated in value, transferring ownership to King’s College can provide an additional tax advantage.  First, the full, fair market value on the day of the stock transfer is eligible for an income tax deduction.  Second, the stock transfer does not incur capital gains tax. 

To make a gift of appreciated securities to King's College via a stock transfer, please contact either the Vice President for Institutional Advancement or the Director of Institutional Advancement Services .  We will want to know your full name, address and phone number for donor recognition purposes, the details of the gift, and how you would like the College to allocate your philanthropy.

It is also possible to make an electronic transfer of appreciated securities.  Contact the College’s Director of Institutional Advancement Services for the names and relevant account numbers for several stock brokers who can properly handle securities gifted to King's. 

We encourage you to consult your personal financial advisor or accountant to learn more about this option.

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Planned Giving
Your stage in life, your financial circumstances and your charitable goals all affect when, how and which charitable organizations will benefit from your gifts. Because your decision to support King's College requires such thoughtful consideration, we want to see that your goals are satisfied. Whether you want to eliminate taxes or benefit from an increased income stream, there is a gift to fit every objective. Planned gifts take many forms, such as a bequest through your will, a revocable trust, a unitrust, an annuity trust or a lead trust.

We offer a wealth of information on Planned Giving and invite you to take a look around the site. We can help you weigh personal factors and make detailed calculations of income and tax benefits you will receive through a gift to King's College. And no matter how or what you give, rest assured that you will be helping a cause close to your heart.

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Real Estate
A gift of real estate can provide a unique opportunity to support King's College and its mission. You may donate real estate as an outright gift during your lifetime, will it to us, place it in trust, or donate it with a life tenancy or lease agreement that permits you to retain its use during your lifetime. All of these options offer benefits to you and to King's College. Depending on the gift method, benefits may include capital gains tax avoidance, an immediate tax deduction, or an estate tax deduction. King's College reserves the right to accept or reject real estate gifts in conformity with its written Gifts and Grants Policy.

For more information, please contact the Vice President for Institutional Advancement via email or at 570-208-5882.

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Tangible Personal Property
Antiques, various forms of art and other collectibles may be valuable to King's College and may permit an individual to take a tax deduction based on the fair market value of the objects that are donated. The donor is responsible for obtaining an independent appraisal of the items being donated. King's College reserves the right to accept or reject gifts of tangible personal property in conformity with its written Gifts and Grants Policy.

For more information, please contact the Vice President for Institutional Advancement .

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Corporate Matching Gifts
Many national corporations match individual charitable donations, enabling their employees to double and even triple their contributions to organizations such as King's College. Matching gifts combined with your personal gift count toward King’s College Distinguished Donor Clubs, increasing the giving level for which you qualify.

Each corporate matching gift program has its own guidelines for eligibility. To learn whether your company has a matching gift program, and to secure the form necessary to apply for this benefit, please contact your Human Resources or Business office. You may also contact the Director of Institutional Advancement Services at King's College to learn more about this program.

If you qualify, complete the application form provided by your company and mail it to King’s College Office of Institutional Advancement along with your gift. King's will complete its portion of the matching gift form and submit it to your company for payment.

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