Join us in making a difference, and be a part of this historic development in downtown Wilkes-Barre.

Building ($3,000,000)

First Floor Investment Status
Entire Floor $750,000  
Gross Anatomy Lab $500,000  
Student Café $250,000  
Main Lobby $200,000  
Lecture Hall $200,000 NAMED
Outdoor Courtyard $75,000 NAMED
Exercise Science Lab $60,000  
Large Clinical Practice Lab $50,000 Named
Clinical Practive Labs (3) $40,000/each  
PA Program Lobby $30,000  
Conference Room $30,000  
Classrooms (2) $30,000/each  
Student Lounges (2) $30,000/each  
Security Station $20,000  
PA Program Admissions Office $15,000  
Examination Rooms (10) $15,000/each  
Administrative Faculty Offices $20,000  
Faculty Offices (17) $15,000/each Two Named
Student Locker Rooms (2) $15,000/each  
Storage and Support Areas (4) $10,000/each  
Student Lockers (124) $150/each or $250/two lockers  
Fr. Josef Murgas Room:   NAMED
Second Floor Investment Status
Entire Floor $500,000  
Athletic Training Education Lab $60,000  
Large Classroom $60,000  
Classrooms (2) $30,000/each  
Lobby $20,000  
Conference Room $15,000  
Security Office $15,000  
Faculty Offices (10) $10,000/each  
Employee Lounge $10,000  
Support Rooms (3) $10,000/each  
Sixth - Eighth Floors Investment Status
Entire Floor (3 Floors) $100,000/each  
Chapel (6th floor) $50,000 Named
Presidential Suites (2) $50,000/each  
Student Lounges (3) $40,000/each  
Resident Counselor Suite $30,000  
2-Bedroom Suites (14) $30,000/each  
1-Bedroom Suites (11) $25,000/each 1 NAMED
1-Bedroom Efficiencies (3) $20,000/each  
Meditation Room (6th floor) $10,000  
Elevator Lobbies (3) $10,000/each  
Glockenspiel Investment Status
Renovation $25,000 Funded by an Anonymous Donor
Glockenspiel Characters $7,500/ 3 NAMED

For information about how you can invest in this transformational project, please contact Gregory Morgan.