HOURS: Monday - Friday, 8:30 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.
PHONE: 1-888-KINGS-PA or 570-208-5858
E-MAIL: admissions@kings.edu

professional portrait photo of Michelle

Michelle Landon
Director of Undergraduate Admission

I work with all students interested in King's College.

I think King’s is special because our caring community is felt on campus and beyond.

professional portrait photo of Eric Grego

Eric Grego
Associate Director of Admission and Transfers

I work with students from Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, and Transfer Students.

I think King’s is special because you can make friends and connections that will last a lifetime.

professional portrait photo of Kristin O'Callaghan

Kristin O’Callaghan
Regional Admission Counselor

I work with students from Long Island, New York City and the New England states, including Connecticut.

I think King’s is special because it feels like a family. Everyone is friendly, helpful and kind!

professional portrait photo of Alexandria Smolenak

Alexandria Smolenak
Admission Counselor

I work with students from western and central Pennsylvania as well as Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and the District of Columbia.

King's is special because it is more than just a college. At King's, you gain relationships, experiences, and resources that will have a lasting impact.

professional portrait photo of Mariah Curtis

Mariah Curtis
Admission Counselor

I work with students from northern and central New Jersey as well as Crestwood and Wyoming Area high schools.

King's is special because no matter if you are connecting with admissions, our professors, staff, or our students, our focus is on providing you with the most fulfilling college experience.

professional portrait photo of Michelle Tlatenchi

Michelle Tlatenchi
Admission Counselor

I work with students from New York and all other U.S. States. I am also fluent in Spanish.

I think King’s is special because of the resources available to succeed and the diversity on campus.

professional portrait photo of Shawn Clark

Shawn Clark
Admission Counselor

I work with students from southern New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania.

King’s is special to me because it is my home away from home. There is something so unique about the community at King’s College that draws people in. Once you step foot on campus, you’ll want to be a Monarch. What makes a place special is the people, and King’s College has the best.

professional portrait photo of Mimi Murphy

Mimi Murphy
Administrative Assistant to the Office of Admission

I think King’s is special because I met my husband when I was a freshman at King’s.