All students at King’s College, regardless of their individual majors, participate in the Core Curriculum. It is, as its name implies, central to all undergraduate degrees at King’s College. It lays the foundation for a liberal education that will be reinforced in the major program and continued throughout life. Core courses comprise a common educational experience that seeks to develop a community of learners; enhance learning through the sharing of viewpoints and ideas; and encourage a spirit of collegiality in the pursuit, discovery, and transmission of that knowledge and truth essential to intellectual growth, moral maturity, and personal fulfillment.

Core courses are broadly based so that fundamental aspects of human experience are approached from diverse viewpoints represented by a variety of disciplines. This breadth offers students the opportunity to engage with differing methodologies in order to see continuity and connections between academic disciplines and bodies of knowledge.

King’s College reinforces the coherence and integrity of knowledge in the structure of the Core Curriculum. The Core divides required courses into 3 parts and 14 categories. Each category has clear and specific liberal learning goals and objectives for all courses within it. These goals and objectives include numerous connections between categories.

The goals of the Core Curriculum at King’s are as follows:

  • Competence in writing, speaking, critical reading and thinking, problem solving using mathematics, and making effective use of library and information resources
  • A critical understanding of history, civilization, art, and literature
  • A critical understanding of the American experience
  • A sophisticated awareness of global issues and a knowledge of foreign cultures
  • An understanding of human behavior and social institutions through the application of the social scientific method
  • A facility with the scientific method and knowledge of how it is applied to understand the natural world
  • Mature, critical, informed beliefs and a facility with ethical reasoning

All of these goals are developed through a series of Core courses in several categories. Each category defines specific, measurable, objectives, students can expect to attain within each course in the category.