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The Writing Center

The Writing Center

The Writing Center at King's is staffed by a director and twelve peer tutors who provide one-on-one conferences to any student seeking to improve his or her writing. This service is available to students in any course, and tutors are available to help with any type of writing. Tutors can offer suggestions and advice at all stages of the writing process, from understanding the requirements of an assignment to developing ideas and approaches, organizing material, and writing clearly, coherently, and correctly.

Writing center tutors do not tell students what to say or how to say it. They do not write papers for students, and they are not a proofreading service. Their goal is to help writers reach their own goals and to provide whatever assistance they can to make the task of writing more rewarding and the results more effective.


The Writing Center is located on the ground floor of the Mulligan Building, near the post office.  We open every day at 8:00 a.m.  Our hours for spring 2014 are

Monday, 8 to 8
Tuesday, 8 to 8
Wednesday, 8 to 8
Thursday, 8 to 5
Friday, 8 to 3

A Wrtiting Center tutor is also available every Sunday in the lobby of Holy Cross Hall from 2 to 8 and in the lobby of Esseff Hall from 4 to 8.

You never need an appointment; just stop in whenever you need assistance. 


Justin Binkowski - Junior mass communications major with two years of tutoring experience; specializes in MLA citation style and helping students start their papers and get on the right track. Hours: T: 11-12:30; W: 1-3:30; Th: 11-12:30; F: 1-3

Andie Bunker - Sophomore physician assistant major; especially enjoys reading argumentative/persuasive and narrative pieces; also experienced in writing lab reports; has some familiarity with MLA citation style.  Hours: M: 8-9; T: 11-12; W: 8-9; Th: 11-12

Steve Gerencser - Senior professional writing major and English literature minor with three semesters tutoring experience; enjoys literary analysis papers and creative pieces; is familiar with lab report format, MLA, and Chicago styles.  Hours: T: 8-10; W: 8-10; Th: 8-10; Sun: 2-4

Debbie Gross - Philosophy and psychology double major with two years of peer tutoring experience;  especially enjoys working with students on argumentative papers and creative writing pieces; philosophy is a specialty.  Hours: M- F: 9-10;

Alex Heavilon - Junior physician assistant major experienced with writing lab reports and very familiar with CSE citation style.  Hours: M: 4-8; Sun: 6-8

Rob Kehler - Junior literature major; specializes in MLA, brainstorming, style, clarity, and forming and developing arguments; interests include theology, philosophy, poetry, literary analysis, and creative writing.  Hours: M: 12-3; W: 12-2; F: 12-2

Angela  Lopez - Senior with three years of tutoring experience; major in professional writing and minor in management with foundations in accounting, marketing, economics, and management.  Hours: M: 10-12, 4-6; T: 10-11, 5-7; W: 10-12; Th: 10-11; F: 10-12; Sun: 4-6

Jennifer Momenzadeh - Senior literature/history double major and professional writing minor familiar with MLA and Chicago documentation styles; can help with research. Hours: M: 12-3; T: 11-2; W: 12-3; Th: 11-2

Suzana Silva - Junior physician assistant and Spanish double major; experienced in writing lab reports and Spanish papers.  Hours: T: 10-11; Th: 10-11; Sun: 4-6

Liz Spicer - Professional Writing major proficient in grammar, but willing to read anything and help out in whatever areas might be needed for any subject; most familiar with MLA format.  Hours: T: 6-8; W: 4-8

Kati Sudnick - Senior mass communications student with three years of peer tutoring under her belt; strong handle on APA formatting and quantitative research papers; specializes in news writing, organization, and mass comm research. Hours: M: 12-4; T: 1-2; W: 12-4; Th: 1-2

Jessica Wong - Sophomore accounting major and math minor who specializes in MLA format, cohesion, and structure within papers; is very familiar with economic and business-oriented subject matters such as business plans. Hours: M: 9-10; T: 2-5; Th: 2-5; Sun: 6-8


The Director of the Writing Center is Dr. James Wallace.

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