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Tutoring Program

Tutoring Program

Tutoring Program

The King's College Tutoring Program creates an atmosphere for success through student-to-student assistance. Students gain feelings of independence and active-learning, and put to use effective learning habits. The tutoring also provides course-content assistance to students free of charge in most disciplines.

Tutors are selected through an interview process and the recommendation from one of their instructors or the tutorial coordinator. Qualified tutors must receive a grade of B or above in the courses being tutored or demonstrate equivalent experience. Tutors gain professional development through training and actual work experience. The King's College Tutoring Program is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). Tutors, who meet specific requirements, may receive recognition as a certified tutor through CRLA. King's has been certified at Levels One, Two, and Three.

The program utilizes two tutoring modalities: scheduled small group sessions and individual tutoring.

Small Group Tutoring Services

This option is designed for specific high demand courses. Some students simply drop in once or twice to meet with a tutor and get answers to specific questions or for help with specific assignments. Some students build a relationship with an individual tutor and go to sessions on a weekly basis.

Small Group Tutoring is available this semester for MSB 120, BIOL 210, CHEM 114, CHEM 242, PHYS 112, and Math Lab. 

How Do I Sign Up?

  • Go to the Small Group Tutoring SharePoint Site.
  • Click on “Sign In” at the top right of the screen.
  • Enter your King’s E-Mail Address and login password.
  • Select the class for which you need tutoring.
  • Provide the requested information.
  • Decide which day you would like to attend.
  • Select the time you plan to attend.
  • Decide if you will attend one time or weekly.


  • You must sign up by 3:00 the day before the session (by 3:00 on Friday for the Monday session).
  • You may stay as long as you need or until the session is over.
  • Please come to the session with specific questions for the tutor.

Individual Tutoring Services

This option is the most flexible option allowing students to meet with their tutor on an individual basis and according to the tutor's schedule. Individual tutors are available for any content course.

How To Get An Individual Tutor

Come into the Academic Skills Center in Mulligan 94 and complete an Individual Tutor Request Form for each course in which tutoring is needed. You will be contacted by the Tutorial Coordinator by e-mail or phone within several working days after completing the Tutor Request Form in the Academic Skills Center.  You will then be scheduled for an initial  meeting with your tutor and the Tutorial Coordinator,  to discuss your responsibilities in receiving tutorial services.  You will also schedule your first tutoring session at that time.

Become a Tutor

Tutoring is one of the most enjoyable jobs on campus. The satisfaction at having made a difference is someone's academic life is enormous. Tutoring is also a good paying job and hours are extremely flexible.

Am I eligible to be a tutor?
The best tutors are King's students who have already taken the course and received a grade of "B" or better in the course in which they wish to tutor. A good tutor must be able to teach another student how to study the course material and to review specific course content.

Key Attribute of a King's College Tutor 

Knowledge: You are required to have strong working knowledge of specific course content and must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0.

Interpersonal Skills: You must demonstrate effective skills in working collaboratively with peers and teaching with compassion. You must be good problem solvers.

Organizational Abilities: You must demonstrate abilities in managing tasks, maintaining schedules, managing time, and completing your own work assignments thoroughly.

If you believe you have these skills and would like to become a tutor:

  • Stop by the Academic Skills Center, Mulligan 94, for an appointment to see Mrs. Wilmes, the Tutorial Coordinator.
  • Complete one tutor orientation training session as a prerequisite before tutoring begins. New tutor training is currently scheduled for January 21 and 22, from 4-6:30 in McGowan 104.
  • Contingent upon the requests and availability of tutors in specific subjects, you can start working immediately after training.
  • You will meet with your tutee in the Tutorial Coordinator's office to arrange a mutually agreeable time and place to conduct tutoring sessions.
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