Dear Staff,

Blessings and best wishes to you and your families.   We continue to reinvigorate our Staff Council in ways small and large. In recent years, numerous changes in representatives and council leadership occurred.  The updated information is available below. We remain dedicated to conducting  live meetings and  excited to provide support for the college community. Our chair and chair elect meet regularly with Fr. Looney,  we continue to host and promote staff appreciation events, and we actively raise awareness and involvement of staff in important college decisions. 

A joint Faculty and Staff  Orientation was conducted in January 2024, which gave an excellent forum for faculty and staff to learn and work together to build resiliency.  We continue to work in a collaborative way with administration and faculty, and recognize  that  we can and will be stronger and better able to meet the demands of higher education by working together.

Thank you to everyone for your dedication to King's College, and for the hard work and efforts you put forth daily.  Along with our students, we strive to "Make Our Mark", and continue to uphold the mission of King's College.  Below is a list of resources for any one in need.   Please peruse the  remaining tabs, and reach out to your department representative at any time with concerns.  

Food Resources


Food and Financial assistance Resources