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Program Overview

A communications degree offers students the opportunity to gain a broad understanding of the media’s role in society, along with a highly specialized and personalized concentration in their area of professional interest – Broadcast and Social Media, Journalism, Video Game Design, or Visual and Brand Communications. See what students have to say about the program. More details are available here, too!

Students are taught how to understand and critically evaluate the past, present and future of mass communications so that they are prepared to excel within its ever-changing structure and to produce changes within it.  The program provides a mix of hands-on and theoretical courses in order to provide students with a well-rounded education.  Students will thereby develop a foundation in both the creation of media and comprehension of the effects and significance of media products that they create and consume.

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Students who attended King's College and majored in Mass Communications have found careers in advertising and marketing (in corporate, agency and non-profit environments), audio/visual companies, corporations (including those engaged in web-based commerce), federal, state and local government, consumer and trade magazines, newspapers, television and radio stations. Our graduates are also entrepreneurs in the fields of photography, freelance writing and various forms of retail. 

Mass Communications graduates are currently working at the NBA, Booz Allen Hamilton, The Wall Street Journal, Pepperjam, CBS-1010 WINS, The Citizen's Voice, ABC, WILK-FM, AOL, and with the Dave Matthews Band to name a few.

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Program Details

We guide students through track selection and career preparation. Professionals with extensive field experience often teach courses in their area of expertise. This offers students a strong advantage in the field as they prepare not only for their required internship, but also their future.

By acquiring effective communication skills–oral, written and visual–our graduates are prepared for careers in advertising, social media, video game design, public relations, journalism, television and radio production, graphic and web design, and photography. With the advent of the Internet, social media and electronic commerce, our majors also find employment in most any aspect of the corporate world, including sales and entrepreneurship.

A degree in Mass Communications from King's College provides students with a broad, liberal arts education and a strong set of core values. Students are prepared to address the ethical considerations of this evolving field, and they are sensitive to the globalized and cross-cultural nature of Mass Communications in our world.

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Additional Info

Special Features

  • Internships up to 6 credits at locations in the US or the world.
  • Practicum (3 credits), which enables students to prepare a portfolio to present to potential employers.
  • Independent study courses, which enable students to further explore subject of interest.
  • Location production for documentary and corporate videos, web pages and advertising applications.

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Scott J. Weiland, Ph.D.
Department Chairperson

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