• I can't remember my mail box number or combination, what do I do? 

    Bring your ID to the Post Office for that information.  Box numbers and combinations can not be given out over the phone or via email for security reasons.
  • My son or daughter lives in a residence hall at King's, and I want to send them a package.  How should I address it?

    Student's name 
    Box Number* 
    King's College 
    133 N. River St. 
    Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711-0801

    *PLEASE NOTE:  DO NOT put PO in front of the box number.  PO means US Postal Box and this could delay the package. 
  • How will I know if I have a package?

    You will receive an email.  Bring your college ID to the post office to pick up your package. ID is required to pick up all packages.
  • I live off campus; can I still have packages and mail sent to my King's Mail Box?

    Yes. All full time students receive a King's College mail box. If you live off campus you can still have letters and packages mailed to your King's College box. Large packages that do not fit in your mail box can be picked up at the College Post Office.
  • Can I insure a package that I mail from the King's College Post Office?

    No. To send insured mail you must go to the US Post Office. 
  • Can I send international letters and packages from the King's College Post Office?

    Yes, but for security reasons, packages over 4 pounds can not be mailed from the King's College Post Office. Anything over 4 pounds will have to be mailed from a US Post Office. A custom's form must be filled out for packages over one pound. 
  • Can I track a package?

    All incoming UPS and FedEx  packages have a tracking number and can be tracked. See our home page for links to tracking these types of packages. Some USPS mail has a tracking number. USPS letters and packages can be tracked if a special service is purchased. The college offers several services for tracking outgoing mail. They include: Express MailCertified Mail and Delivery Confirmation.
  • My mother sent me a package three weeks ago and I still haven't received it?

    If the letter or package did not have a tracking number, the sender needs to return to the Post Office that the package or letter was sent from to request an inquiry. After 10 days a trace can be placed on the letter or package.
  • I want to send books in the mail, but it's so expensive.  Is there a cheaper way to do it?

    Yes. Send them Media Mail for a reduced rate.
  • Do you sell money orders?

    No. The closest place to purchase a money order is the Turkey Hill store on the corner of North St. and Pennsylvania Avenue.