• Do not copy and paste content directly from Microsoft Word into the editor. While this may seem convenient, it will add unwanted styles to the content. Best practice is to copy the content into Notepad or a similar text editor, then into the editor.
  • Do not use copyrighted images (not owned or created by King's) without permission and citing source.
    If using a "royalty free image," fully read and follow the license and attribution requirements. In the case of uncertainty contact a webmaster.
  • Keep landing pages general. Avoid including in-depth program or contact information on a landing page. Direct traffic to conversion pages like Apply and Visit.
  • Follow our graphic standards fully.
  • Do not remove information without authorization from your department head.
  • Ensure that your PDF uploads are compressed to under 5MB and your image uploads are in JPEG format and under 300kb in size. Do not upload PDF files containing scanned documents or images.
  • Follow WCAG succession criterion when creating a hyperlink.
    In layman's terms, make sure your hyperlink is a standalone, discernible phrase. In addition, do not use phrases like "click here" in your hyperlink as it is insensitive to those browsing with disabilities. Rephrase to "use this link" or "follow this link."

In the case that your page edits violate these guidelines they will be reverted by a webmaster.