What is Drupal?

Drupal is a content management system we use at King's to maintain our www.kings.edu site. With Drupal, you can sign into our site and edit page content similarly to how you would in a Word document.

How do I sign up for Drupal?

Contact one of our webmasters via email or phone. Be sure to include your department and extension in your email.

What sites and pages CANNOT be edited using Drupal?

Some sites and pages cannot be edited using Drupal. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Pages beginning with departments.kings.edu
  • Pages beginning with admissions.kings.edu
  • Pages beginning with kingsalumni.info
  • Pages beginning with staffcouncil.kings.edu
  • Pages beginning with wp.kings.edu
  • The kings.edu homepage
  • Pages built on a table may be difficult to edit. Contact a webmaster if you're struggling with a page.

What CAN'T I do using Drupal?

Some page edits are considered structural and are limited to webmasters. These include:

  • Re-ordering, creating and deleting navigation menus
  • Creating and deleting pages
  • Changing or removing header (hero) images

Contact a webmaster if you need one of these changes made.

Lastly, how do I learn how to use Drupal?

Click here to move onto our Drupal Tutorial.